Kaiju No.8 Anime Adaptation: Here is What To Expect?

Kaiju No.8 will be an anime adaptation of the manga of the same title. This anime is also known under the names Kaijuu 8 or Monster #8. The manga series was written and illustrated in part by Naoya Maatsumoto. After the manga had reached 60 chapters, the anime adaptation was announced. We will discuss all that we know about Kaiju No. 8 is one the most popular action fantasy horror anime. This is Kafka’s story. He wants to rid Kaiju of his existence, but not literally. His fate is unknown, however, since his life was changed when he discovered the truth. 

Kafka’s life changed when Grotesque monsters appeared in Japan, and it was revealed that those monsters were called “Kaiju.” The Japanese oldies know about those monsters,s and young stars are unaware of it until they reveal that Kaiju is not just a story but a reality that happened in Japan. The Kaiju incident has been going on for more than a thousand years. After learning about the mysterious events that took place in Japan, the young people begin to believe their elders. Japan’s government contacted the elite military unity, Defense Corps, and informed them about the Kaiju. 

The Defense Corps however, recruited many soldiers to support them in new missions. It was ready to protect the world while fighting the Kaiju. They knew that the combined forces would be strong enough to defeat the Kaiju. To protect Japan and its people, soldiers risk their lives. The Defense Corps marched to the battlefield and confronted the Kaiju army that had just appeared. They fought hard against the Kaijus, but ultimately defeated them all. But they were confident that Japan’s days of terror were over. They were unaware of any other Kaijus that might be out there. 

Kaiju No.8 Summary

The soldiers return home and continue their daily lives. Meanwhile, the sweepers who work for the Professional Kaijuu Cleaner Corporation were tasked with disposing of Kaijus’ remains. One of the 32-year-old workers, known as Kafa Hibino was also responsible for disposing of the remains. Kafka dreams of other things than disposing the remains. He realizes that he’s always wanted to be a member of Defense Corps since childhood. Kafka believes that, once he is a warrior, he can become the Kaiju. However, his dream was crushed when he took the entrance exam to join the Defense Corps. 

Kaiju No.8

Kafka didn’t give up, but he kept on failing since it was not an easy task to become a warrior, and it needed lots of training that he could imagine. After seeing that Kafka was too weak to fight with a Kaiju, the higher-ups were able to accept him. Kafka realized that he was wasting time and decided to quit his dream of becoming a warrior, even though it was his childhood goal. He thought he would make a good living and earn more by killing the world’s threat. Kafka, however, resigned and was paid a good sum. 

One day, an ambitious recruit name Leno Ichikawa who is an 18-year-old, joins Kafka’s cleaning team and motivates Kafka to pursue his dream. Kafka’s desire to join the military awakens within him, and he decides to do whatever it takes to achieve his goal. Later, Kafka encounters the junior sweeper in mysterious events. However, he is attacked by a parasite-type of kaiju. He is stunned when he transforms to Kaiju, which has incredible powers and can also transform into a human. He decided to use his news powers to defend the world and fight the Kaijus.  

Kaiju No.8 Release Date

Kaiju No.8 released date is TBA, but the official website has announced that Kaiju’s first episode will be announced soon since this anime is still under development. The official trailer has been posted online. It shows that Kaiju will soon release its first episode, but no date has been announced. Let’s look at Kaiju No.8 streaming details below. 

Kaiju No.8 Release Date

Kaiju No.8

Watch Kaiju No.8 Online – Streaming Details

Online streaming of Kaiju No.8 is possible on Chrunchyroll. Kaiju No.8 latest updates. The latest updates to Kaiju No. 8 have been posted on Chrunchyroll. The upcoming episode will also be available with an English subtitle. The dub has yet to be revealed, and the Kaiju No. 8 episode will be available soon after its debut on the anime’s official website.  

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