July 29 Special Day in India, What Special Day Celebrated on July 29?

July 29 Special Day, India

You can celebrate birthdays or the life of a loved one. This article will show you the July 29 Special Day In India. Famous personalities are included on today’s special day in India. Let’s quickly jump into the article to learn more about Indian history and what happened today.

July 29 Special Day

This section will inform people who don’t know about July 29 special day. Today is July 29 Special Day.

S.No July 29 Special Day
1 International Tiger Day
2 Islamic New Year
3 System Administrator Appreciation Day
4 National Chicken Wing Day

#1. International Tiger Day

International Tiger Day is an annual celebration to honor and remember tigers. It takes place every year on July 29th. Tigers are one of the animals that enjoy the reputation of being the largest of the world’s big cats. This day aims to raise awareness about the importance of protecting and conserving tigers

#2. Islamic New Year

The Islamic New Year, also known by the Arabic New Year or Hijri New Year, is the day of Muharram. It is the first month according to the Islamic calendar. This year, the month of Muharram will begin on July 29, 2022. It will continue on until August 28.

#3. System Administrator Appreciation Day

The last Friday in July is System Administrator Appreciation Day. This year, it is July 29. This day is to show appreciation for System administrators who help with system-related issues.

#4. National Chicken Wing Day

Chicken wings are a favorite food that is celebrated on a designated day. National Chicken Wing Day is celebrated every July 29. Get together with friends to celebrate National Chicken Wing Day. 

What Special Day Is Celebrated on the 29th of July – Events

Year Event 
2015 Microsoft launches Windows 10.
1996 Aruna Asaf, a freedom fighter who played a key role in Quit India Movement’s success, has died.

#1. Microsoft launches Windows 10.

Windows 10 was launched by Microsoft on July 29, 2015. The preview was initially released on October 1, 2014. The final version was released to the general public on July 29, 2015. Windows 10 was a famous free upgrade for Windows 7 or Windows 8 owners, but it only lasted one year. It was released on July 29, 2016.

#2. Aruna Asaf, a freedom fighter and a key figure in Quit India Movement, has died.

Aruna Asaf Ali was born on 16 July 1909 and died on 29 July 1996. She was an Indian educator, political activist, publisher, and teacher. She was active in the Indian Independence Movement, particularly the Quit India Movement in 1942.

July 29th, Special Day in India: Birthdays

Year Famous Person
1959 Sanjay Dutt
1979 Hard Kaur
1984 Sonia Deepti
1952 Radha Ravi

#1. Sanjay Dutt

Born July 29, 1959 in India, Sanjay Balraj Dutt is a Hindi actor best known for his work in Hindi films. Sanjay Dutt was the recipient of many awards. He won two Filmfare Awards as well as three Screen Awards.

#2. #2.

Taran Kaur Dhillon was born July 29, 1979. She is a Indian rapper, hip-hop singer, and actress in Bollywood. Her movies include Patiala house, F.A.L.T.U, and Johnny Gaddaar.

#3. Sonia Deepti

Sonia Deepti was born on July 29, 1984. She is an Indian actress best known for her roles in Telugu films. In 2007, she was first seen as Shravs in Happy Days by Sekhar kammula. This movie won her the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress – Telugu.

#4. Radha Ravi

Born July 29, 1952, Madras Rajagopalan Radhakrishnan Ravi, more commonly known as Radha Ravi, is an Indian actor. He is best known for playing supporting roles. He is the son of actor M. R. Radha, the uncle of Vasu Vikram, and half-brother to Raadhika. He was also a former chief member at the Tamil Nadu Film Artistes Association.

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