Jinbe’s New Bounty Revealed: What Is The Bounty Of Newest Straw Hat?

A former Warlord of seas, he is now a member the straw hat crew. His role in the new arc of One Piece was also revealed to the Cross Guild members and straw hats. One Piece Chapter 1058, seemingly titled “A New Member” was a post for bounties and new information before the straw hats are on the new Island or fighting new enemies. Jinbei is the newest straw hat member. He joined the straws hats as they began their raid on Onigashima.

Jinbei is among those three who have a new bounty in billions, just like Zoro and Luffy, the main trio of straw hats. Jinbei, his bounties and personal information were not known. However, now that he is one of the straw hats and a powerful member on top of that, the “Knight of the Sea” is topping the chart wanted posters with bounties in a billion.

Jinbe’s New Bounty Revealed!

The warlord of seas was a key character in the series. His new position and bounty will make him even more important, not only as a straw hat member but also as a Fishmen. His new bounty is the third highest in the straw-hat pirate crew’s straw hat pirate crew. Jinbe’s New Bounty is raised from 438,000,000 to 1,100,000,000 Berries after his assistance as the straw hat on Whole Cake Island and Wano. 

Jinbe’s All Wanted Poster!

Jinbei’s new bounty is only lower by a million than Zoro’s new bounty, which has a bounty of 1,101,000,000 Berries and has the second highest bounty among the straw hats. From his previous bounty, Jinbei has a raise of more than 60% due to defeating a secret member of the marine Who’s Who and helping Luffy get off the Whole Cake Island while he stops Big Mom. The first known bounty of Jinbei was 75,000,000 Berries. This was likely due to his involvement in the Sun Pirates as well as his many battles against marines.

Jinbei’s second bounty had 250,000,000 Berries due to again fighting with the marines and acting as the second leader among the Sun Pirates. Jinbei’s bounty became invalid after he joined the marines as the warlords, and his bounty was again raised for the third time to 438,000,000 Berries when he left the warlord and helped Luffy and Whitebeards pirates against the Marines during the summit war arc. Jinbei is the second oldest member among the straw hats. He still has a part to play in helping Luffy to become King of the Pirates.

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