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Jim Browning 

Jim Browning, a Northern Irish software engineer, YouTuber and social media personality, is the Internet persona for Jim Browning. His work focuses on scam baiting and probing call centers that engage in fraudulent activities. After receiving numerous scam emails and robocalls, Browning decided to fight back. Before he can turn the tables, he lets himself be duped. He can also hack into their machine if they have hacked into it. He can find out their origins, call them by their real names, and even have photos of them displayed as his desktop background to shock them when they attempt to take control of his computer.

Jim Browning Face Reveal

He is the epitome for ‘good works demand no face.’ He doesn’t seek fame or celebrity for his actions over the past five years. His goal is to raise awareness about the frauds. Browning uploads videos of his crime-fighting adventures to YouTube, where he has hundreds and thousands of followers. They are fascinating and strangely captivating. These fraudsters are often very sophisticated, making it easy for anyone to fall prey. Browning takes the con artist to task just when they think they have it all under control.

Jim Browning Wiki 

Specifications Details
Name  Jim Browning 
Real Name NA
Profession  YouTuber

Scam baiter

Software engineer

Years Active 2014–present
Genre  Scam baiting
Subscribers  3.9 Million
Age  NA
Date of Birth  NA
Birthplace  Belfast, Northern Ireland
Nationality  British
Ethnicity  British-Irish 
Parents NA
Education  NA
Marital Status NA
Wife  NA

Jim Browning Age 

Jim Browning’s accent suggests that he is most likely British Irish. According to his Facebook page he is from Northern Ireland. The Youtuber has not revealed his true identity, other than his alias. His voice suggests that he is in his late 30s to his 40s.

Jim Browning Real Name

Jim Browning’s real name is unknown. Browning uses remote access software and social technology to hack into computer networks controlled and manipulated by fraudsters and technical support scammers. He has hacked into the CCTV Network at a tech scamming headquarters before and exposes fraudsters’ fraudulent intentions. Many individuals have been saved from falling for the scams where crooks threatened empty bank accounts or destroy computers. He presents non-existent awards every year to the year’s most inept fraudsters in an award called “The dumbest scammers of the year.”

Jim Browning Youtube 

Jim Browning Job

He was victim to fraud on July 26, 2021 when a scammer used Google Chat to send him emails with the @google.com suffix. Browning was convinced he was talking with YouTube Creators support. However, the fraudster gave him precise instructions that resulted the cancellation. Jim’s channel has been restored since July 30, 2021. Soon after, he made a video explaining how the crooks got him to delete his channel.

Jim Browning Net Worth

Jim Browning’s net worth remains unknown. However, Net Worth Spot estimates it at more than $364.01 000. Jim Browning’s average annual salary is $91 thousand. The YouTube advertising income is the only source of the $364.01 000 estimate. Jim Browning’s networth might actually be higher. Jim Browning’s networth could be $509.61 thousand if you include all sources of income.


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