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Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board is a Nigerian tertiary entrances examination board that administers exams for students. The board is also responsible for administering exams at Nigerian public and private monotechnics as well as polytechnics and colleges of education. Students who plan to take the JAMB Chemistry exams will need to prepare well. JAMB Chemistry Questions and Answers 2022 will be helpful in this regard. This article will assist students in downloading the JAMB Chemistry Questions and Answers PDF.

JAMB Chemistry Questions & Answers, 2022

Students preparing for the JAMB exam need to prepare well. The JAMB Chemistry Questions and Answers 2222 will help them prepare for the exam. Here are the major JAMB CBT practice questions and answers from previous years. There is no information available to confirm whether the JAMB Chemistry exam was held. Although we have not been able get our hands on the JAMB Chemistry Questions and Answers, we have curated a few practice/sample JAMB Chemistry Questions and Answers that you can refer to.

Practice JAMB Chemistry questions and answers 2022

1. Which element is oxidized and which is the oxidizing agent in this equation 4NH3 + 5O2  4NO + 6H2O

  • O and O2

  • N and NH3

  • H and NH3

  • O and NH3

  • N and O2

Answer N and O2 (optione E)

2. What is the number of atoms in 3.50 grams Al2O3 aluminum?

  • 6 x 1022

  • 13 x 1022

  • 61 x 1012.2

  • 4 x 1022

Answer (a). 4.13 x 1022

3. Which element in the following is an alkaline Earth Metal in Period 3 of the periodic Table?

Answer Mg (optionA)

4. The isoelectronic specie with the smallest radius of existence is_____.

Answer Sr2+

5. Calculate the formula weight for Al2(SO4)3.18H2O.

Answer 666.4g

6. Solutions of weak acids contain lower concentrations H+ of Hydrogen ion than solutions with strong acids.

Answer TRUE (Option B)

7. What is the empirical formula of an oxide (Pb) that contains 90.65% Pb?

Answer Pb3O4

8. Which element has the lowest first-ionization energy?

Answer Xe

9. Calculate the oxidation value of carbon (C), in this compound (K2CO3)

Answer +4

10. Which of the following compounds is a weak acids?

Answer HF

Questions and Answers for Chemistry – JAMB PDF

Students are also searching for JAMB Chemistry Question and Answers. The JAMB Chemistry exam took place today. Therefore, the complete NECO Chemistry Question and Answers 2022 as well as the JAMB Chemistry Question And Answers PDF are still to be released.

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