Jaclyn Feagin Now? Where is Stalker Update!

If someone lets the emotion of jealousy take over relationships or feelings of love and respect, the outcome is nothing more than pure chaos that is sure to hurt everyone affected. It’s no secret to anyone who’s ever had a romantic relationship, but sometimes, things can escalate to the point that they become criminals.

An example of this is Jaclyn Feagin. After her case is meticulously documented in the Netflix series ‘I Am A Stalker Imminent Fear and ‘I Am A Stalker: Imminent Fear’, let’s out more about them as well as her sentence in the official record and what her status is now let’s get started.

What do you think is Jaclyn Feagin?

At the beginning of 2017, Jaclyn got to know her husband Jesse through mutual acquaintances, but they quickly began to develop an extremely intense, passionate bond unlike anything they’d experienced before. They welcomed the birth of a daughter in 2018 before marrying in 2019. But the reality is that they already encountered some issues due to his relationship with his ex-partner, who was their son’s mom. He had tragically died in a tragic crash in a car on April 1, 2017, which brought the parents closer in sorrow, but it also allowed them to grow into something more.

According to the show, it was revealed that the production reveals that not only were Jesse and his girlfriend having a sexual affair in spite of Jaclyn insisting that they only talk about their son as a way to keep a line between them and she sent him an explicit picture of a woman. The latter then decided to take her revenge, and she waited for a year to make sure that suspicion wasn’t directed at her since both women used inappropriate words to say about one another. Jaclyn’s plan of attack was straightforward as she knew that the former was a sincere Christian (like most of her family from East Texas), so she’d play with her faith and instinctual emotions to scare her.

At this moment, Jesse’s ex-girlfriend had left him – the couple was already married with a daughter of her own. However, it didn’t change his former wife because she’d expressed her displeasure. Jaclyn first put an image of her ex-girlfriend in red with the pentagram drawn on her face, with a lit candle in front of the newlyweds’ front door on June 15, 2019. Then, a few weeks later, on August 1, she left behind a pair of black boxer shorts and the words “just thought you should know” on her car to suggest that the victim was constantly observed.

Jaclyn dropped off a sigil-painted mason container filled with graveyard sand and a voodoo doll with pins on its face, head, and heart, along with burning candles, on the ex’s vehicle on September 13. In case that wasn’t enough, 11 days following, Jaclyn sat an unfinished black leather scroll with an unsettling Latin passage and the victim’s initials, photograph and birthdate on her car. While the sigils of the first were believed to represent the death of a person, deluded terror, destruction and pain in their own way, the text in the latter was more or less an announcement or promise of death.

The former did make contact with officials after the discovery of each item. Still, it was only after the final item was removed that CCTV cameras were able to bring the case to an end by capturing Jaclyn for the crime. The young man’s mother, 46-year-old Kristina Ferguson, was confirmed as a co-conspirator. She drove her daughter to work and facilitated the incident without even a hint of regret. The two were subsequently arrested; however, it’s important to point out that they did not deny their involvement even for a second; they both claimed the incident was innocent and was just a prank for revenge.

What is Jaclyn Feagin?

Because of the resentment Jaclyn, along with her mother’s conduct, caused within the other and her mother, both were accused of third-degree felony stalking, with bails of $75,000 and $150,000, respectively. The bail of the former was reduced even though she was the one who arranged it in part because she was astonished by the circumstances and not like Kristina, who justified both actions as an innocent “joke.”

Jaclyn was aware that her actions could be considered criminal but was unable to stop, according to the book ‘I’m a Stalker, which is why she admitted her guilt and pleaded guilty to guilty in exchange for eight years’ probation starting in early 2020. Her mother also did the same, and their motivation was to avoid jail time.

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