Is Zendaya a triplet?

Have you ever ever heard of the supposition that you’ve got a minimum of seven other people international who glance precisely such as you?

Neatly, this used to be the case when Aisha Mian went viral on YouTube, with speculations that she used to be Zendaya’s dual. It is advisable to inform she used to be Zendaya’s doppelganger from her sparkling pores and skin, completely arched eyebrows, and curly tresses. Other folks have been able to confess her to the Coleman circle of relatives.

The rumors that Zendaya is a triplet took root when tabloids showed that New York-based Aisha Mian had a dual, Azra. Normally, this implies Zendaya is a triplet. Or relatively, she is a triplet within the eyes of the ever-speculating social media.

So, is Zendaya a triplet? Let’s take a look at her background and circle of relatives to underline the reality.

Is Zendaya a triplet?

Zendaya isn’t a triplet. Nor is she followed. She lives together with her organic father and mom, with 5 siblings from her father’s earlier relationships.

The Aisha Mian rumor is simply that! A rumor.

Aisha is of Pakistani-Albanian heritage, making her the farthest from Zendaya’s family members. Actually, the web handiest came upon Aisha when she imitated Zendaya’s well-known video the place she dances within the automotive.

You’ve most likely noticed Zendaya’s correct rendition of No Flex Zone via Nicki Minaj and Yonce via Beyonce. Neatly, the proficient Aisha Mian recreated it all the way down to the dance strikes and the messy bun. The web instantly took notice and began making comparisons with Zendaya.   

Who’re Zendaya’s folks?

In spite of the viral rumors that Zendaya used to be followed, she if truth be told lived with each her organic folks. She used to be born Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman to Kazembe Ajamu Coleman and Clare Stoermer in Oakland, California.


Zendaya has 5 different half-siblings, together with 3 sisters: Annabella, Kaylee, and Katianna, and two brothers: Julien and Austin. Her siblings are from Coleman’s earlier marriages. The now 21-year-old loves her circle of relatives and mentions them severally within the media.

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