Is The Yellowstone Star Forrie J. Smith A Real Cowboy?

After seeing Forrie J. Smith portray Lloyd Pierce in the Paramount Network series titled “Yellowstone”, many fans were amazed at how realistic everything is – the ranch owners, the cowboy skills on the set!

Many of the cast members are true cowboys, which is no surprise.

Read on to find out some details about “Yellowstone”, as well as about Forrie J. Smith. 

Forrie J.Smith as actor and stuntman

Forrie J. Smith is more than a cowboy. He’s also a successful actor and stuntman.

His first stunt was back in the 1988 hit movie “Rambo III”.

In the following 15 years, Forrie also did stunts for many great movies including “Posse”, “Lightning Jack”, and “Seven Mummies”. 

Smith started his acting career by doing his stunts, with his debut TV appearance in the 1987 movie titled “Desperado”. 

Starting from the year 1990 all the way to 2000, Forrie took on several minor roles in TV series such as “The Young Riders”, “Lucky Luke”, “The Lazarus Man”, and “Legend”. 

During the same period, he appeared in movies such as “Tombstone”, “Blind Justice”, and “Gunsmoke: One Man’s Justice”.

In 2000, he portrayed Deputy Landers in “South of Heaven, West of Hell”, which is considered one of his most memorable appearances. 

After his cowboy role in “Seven Mummies”, Forrie J. Smith took a long break from acting to focus on other important things. 

He made his comeback in 2017 after he appeared in “Better Call Saul”. 

From then on, we’ve seen him only in cowboy/ranch owner roles, including roles in TV series “Just Getting Started”, and “Midnight, Texas”.

His latest role is the portrayal of Lloyd Pierce, the ranch owner and cowboy on “Yellowstone”. 

Is Forrie J. Smith really a cowboy?

Yes, he is a cowboy. 

Rodeo News interviewed him about his cowboy skills. 

Rodeo News was told by Forrie J.Smith that he started riding horses as a child. 

Forrie fell off his first horse and began to ride with many tricks, which eventually led him to many roles as a cowboy.

Fun fact: Forrie J. Smith rides his own horse in his portrayal of Lloyd Pierce in all the scenes in “Yellowstone”. His horse also gets paid for his appearance. 


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Forrie J. Smith and other cowboys in “Yellowstone”

It’s not a secret that the “Yellowstone” casting directors went all out to hire many actual cowboys in order to make the show as realistic as possible. 

Forrie J.Smith is not the only cowboy we see. We also see many cowboys playing major roles, such as Taylor Sheridan and Jake Ream, Ethan Lee and Ryan Bingham. 

If you’re interested in the history of the national park Yellowstone, and the drama that went amongst the ranch owners in the past, now is the perfect time to binge “Yellowstone”, since they’ve announced the release date for season 5 of Yellowstone!

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