Is Sticks Larkin Married? Know Sean “Sticks” Larkin Wife, Bio, Wiki, Age, And More

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Is Sticks Larkin married?

American actor Sean Larkin is a policeman. He is most famous for dating Lana Del Rey between September 2019 and March 2020. They split after just six months. He is also known for appearing on the A&E documentary series Live PD. The Emmy Award was also awarded to the show. Rumours have circulated that Sean Larkin was engaged to and then married in 2022. However, this is not confirmed by Sean Larkin as he keeps his personal life private. 

Is Sean “Sticks” Larkin Married?

He was once married before he started dating Lana Del Rey. He was married for six years to Tammy Jean Stocks. They began dating in the 1990s, and eventually married each other. They have two children together, Alyssa was born in August 1997 and Patrick was born March 2003. Due to conflicting schedules, Sean raised both children as a single mother. Alyssa is pursuing psychology and nutrition at college, but no one is sure what Patrick is doing. Tammy Stocks does not have any images. This article will be updated when an image becomes available. 

Sean Larkin Wiki

Sean Larkin discussed where he got the name Sticks in a 2019 interview. One of his superiors was unhappy with the way he handled a suspect and nicknamed him “F-Stick.” The name stuck and now everyone calls him Stick. He commented on how his career and work were the main reasons his marriage fell apart. After that, he began to raise his children as a single-parent. 

Sean Larkin Age

Sean Larkin was conceived on 7 December 1973. He is now 48 years of age. He will turn 49 on December 1. He was born and raised here in California. He claims that his family is strict. His family is rich in military history and both of his parents served in the army. He has a brother, Connor Larkin, who has also joined army. Sean decided to join police academy after he graduated, instead of joining the army. 

Sean Larkin Bio

Details Specifications
Full Name Sean Larkin
Occupation Officer for Law Enforcement
Age 47
Date of birth December 7, 1973
Place of birth United States
Star Sign Sagittarius
Country United States
Gender Male
Net Worth 1.5 Million USD

Sean Larkin Height

Sean Larkin stands at six feet. He joined the police in 1997 and quickly rose up the ranks. He was also an analyst in the studio on Live PD’s reality documentary. The studio at PD Cam eventually offered him a hosting job. He is also well-known for his full-length tattoo sleeves. 

Sean Larkin Net Worth

Sean Larkin’s net worth is 1.5 million USD. He is one of the most wealthy police officers in the country. His wealth has been accumulated through his work as a police officer and appearances on various reality TV shows. Because Sean Larkin keeps his relationships private, it is impossible to confirm who he is currently dating. 

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