Is Netflix’s Man on Pause Based on a True Story?

Netflix’s ‘Man on Pause’ is a Turkish comedy drama series that follows Yusuf, a man in his 50s who starts undergoing andropause. He begins to see the world differently and decides to live every day fully. However, Yusuf’s pursuit of happiness soon makes him go overboard and he begins making a mess of everything. He tries to hide his tracks but his wife and children start to worry about him. This leads to hilarious results.

Featuring a stellar cast comprising Engin Günaydın, Tamer Karadağlı, Derya Karadaş, and Turgut Tunçalp, the show delves into a sensitive topic less explored in the mainstream media. The show’s relatable narrative and characters make it easy for many to connect with the characters. It also makes one wonder if there is any similarity to real life. If you’re on the same boat as us, let us answer your questions!

Is Man on Pause a True Story or a Fiction?

No, ‘Man on Pause’ is not based on a true story. The show is adapted from an original story written by actor Engin Günaydin, who essays Yusuf. The show focuses on a common situation many men face after they reach the age of 50-andropause. Also called late on-set hypogonadism, it is a common disorder that often increases with age. Low testosterone levels can lead to many symptoms that affect sexual health such as loss of libido and morning penile erection.

Andropause can cause mental problems as well as physical problems. It can lead to depression, anxiety, stress, loss of self-esteem and a reduction in attention span. The National Library of Medicine conducted a study on 521 people aged over 65. Of those, 51.5% experienced andropause. 3.7% of the subjects had severe symptoms. It was also found that depression is the most strongly associated with andropause in men.

Returning to the show, it does not go too deep into the technical aspects of andropause but focuses on the impact it can have on an ordinary man’s life. Yusuf has a normal life with his children and wife. But in his 50s, Yusuf starts to feel bored by the lackluster excitement in his life. He feels like time is his greatest enemy, taking away the joy and possibilities in each day. In an effort to preserve his youth and make him happy, he attempts to do something new and may end up engaging in criminal activity.

Yusuf’s moodiness also drives him away from his wife and kids, as he starts acting contrary to his regular personality. This is a reflection of the feelings of denial many people feel when confronted with new situations. It’s difficult to accept change and let go old patterns. Yusuf is not able to face the problem head-on. He overdoes his life and gets caught up in the mess he makes.

Though dealing with such a serious theme, ‘Man on Pause’ cleverly utilizes comic moments to lighten the atmosphere. It manages to convey the message of living life fully and spreading awareness on the main theme of andropause without sounding preachy. Thus, we can say that while the show is a product of the writer’s imagination and skills, it stays realistic in its treatment of the subject, making one laugh and empathise with the protagonist simultaneously.

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