Is Melissa O’Neil’s Lucy Chen Leaving The Rookie?

The fifth season of ABC’s police procedural show ‘The Rookie’ follows Lucy Chen’s undercover mission with her superior Tim Bradford. Rosalind Dyer escapes jail and tries murder her boyfriend Chris Sanford while she’s in Los Angeles. Lucy begins to care for her boyfriend after the mission. Meanwhile, she is offered a life-altering career opportunity. Lucy is forced to spend time with Chris and decides to decline the opportunity. However, her well-wishers refuse to accept it. Naturally, the viewers must be wondering whether Lucy’s possible departure from Los Angeles will pave the way for Melissa O’Neil’s departure from the show. Let us tell you everything about it! SPOILERS BEFORE.

What happened to Lucy Chen?

Lucy and Bradford go undercover in order to capture a drug lord. This is the premiere episode of season 5. A member of the undercover academy met Lucy and offered her a job at the institution. Chris is still recovering and Lucy offers her the chance to be there to help her boyfriend. She thinks that Rosalind hurt Chris to get back at her and she doesn’t want to leave him after causing the misfortune indirectly. She decides to stay in Sacramento and receive specialized training.

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However, Chris doesn’t accept Lucy’s reasons since he doesn’t want her to lose an opportunity because of him. He tries his best to change Lucy’s mind and after accepting his failure, he contacts Bradford to talk to her. Bradford meets Lucy and explains to her how the training will be beneficial and what it will do for her career. Lucy is conscious of this and begins to reconsider her decision to stay in Sacramento. This means Lucy may leave Los Angeles. Is Melissa O’Neil leaving the crime series? Let’s find out.

Is Melissa O’Neil Leaving The Rookie?

As of yet, neither ABC nor Melissa O’Neil has announced the departure of the actress from ‘The Rookie.’ Although Lucy most likely will accept the opportunity to attend the undercover academy in Sacramento, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the character’s arc will conclude. The upcoming episode may even depict Lucy’s time at the academy if she accepts the opportunity. Thus, the particular narrative development cannot be seen as a definite reason for the actress’ supposed departure from the show.

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In addition, one of the promotional photos of the third episode of season 5, released by ABC, does feature Lucy at her apartment with alphabet balloons that read, “WELCOME HOME LUCY.” The third episode of the fifth season may start after a time jump and Lucy may have finished her training and returned to Los Angeles from Sacramento, as the photo indicates. Considering these factors and possibilities, we believe that Melissa O’Neil most likely will continue featuring in ‘The Rookie.’

Since Lucy’s storyline is progressing better than ever, Melissa’s sudden departure from the show is extremely unlikely. As Lucy and Bradford finally deal with their feelings for one another, the former character’s significance and scope in the show moving forward is unignorable. We can expect Lucy to join Bradford on the next episodes of the show for additional missions. This will allow them to have ample time to work through their feelings.

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