Is Mekia Cox’s Nyla Harper Leaving The Rookie?

In the fourth season of ABC’s police procedural show ‘The Rookie,’ Nyla Harper gets pregnant and starts to expect the baby with her partner James Murray. Harper is relieved of her duties to give birth in the second episode. Harper and James choose to have their baby at home instead of going to hospital.

Harper must face many life-threatening obstacles as she waits for the birth of her baby. However, she is finally able to welcome her child and ask Wade Grey to give her enough time to take care. Harper seems to be unwilling to fulfill her duty. This must have been a warning sign for Mekia that Harper might leave the show. Let’s find out! SPOILERS BEFORE.

What happened to Nyla Harper?

Harper requests leave from her department when Harper’s due date approaches. She prepares for her baby’s delivery at home and decides against going to a hospital. Harper prepares for her delivery in the second episode. But her attention is drawn to her neighbors who have been acting suspiciously throughout the day. Harper begins to monitor them both and eventually realizes they are trying dispose of a corpse. While she seeks the assistance of her colleagues, the two neighbors get into Harper’s house to attack her and James.

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Harper fights a neighbor bravely, even though she is having contractions. Even though her water breaks, Harper manages to keep her baby safe from a murderer. Wade arrives at her residence and she has given birth to a little girl. Wade then learns that she has taken sufficient leave to take care of her baby and herself. Is this to say Harper won’t appear in season 5? Are Mekia and Cox leaving the crime series? Let’s see.

Mekia Cox is leaving The Rookie

Neither ABC nor Mekia Cox has released a statement regarding the departure of the actress from ‘The Rookie,’ which shows that we may not need to worry about the commitment of the actress to the show. Harper’s pregnancy storyline was conceived parallel to the real-life pregnancy of Cox, who gave birth to a baby girl in May 2022. Considering that several months have passed since the delivery and the actress didn’t formally announce any maternity leave from the production of the show, it is safe to believe that Cox most likely will remain a part of the show’s cast.

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Although Harper asks Wade for leave, two of the promotional photos of the fifth season’s third episode feature Cox’s character back at her station. Harper could have been back on official duty by the time the next episode airs. In the next episodes of season 5, we will see how Harper attempts to split her time between professional and marital duties. With James’ support at home and Wade’s support at the station, we may see her deal with the challenges of taking care of a baby efficiently.

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