Is Mason Quinn Dead? Is Chris Vance Leaving The Equalizer?

The CBS crime drama series ‘The Equalizer’ follows Robyn McCall (Queen Latifah), a former CIA agent with a mysterious past who works as a defender of the weak in New York City. This series is a remake of the 1985 TV series with the same title, created by Richard Lindheim and Michael Sloan. In Robyn’s quest for justice, she faces several dangerous foes, and one of them is Mason Quinn (Chris Vance).

Robyn has a special connection with the notorious terrorist, and she becomes her most formidable enemy. However, the show’s third season premiere seemingly concludes the conflict between Robyn and Quinn. Therefore, viewers must be wondering about Mason Quinn’s fate and actor Chris Vance’s future on the show. In that case, here is everything you need to know about Mason Quinn’s death in ‘The Equalizer’ season 3! SPOILERS Ahead!

Is Mason Quinn Dead?

Mason Quinn is first introduced in the second season of ‘The Equalizer’ in the fourteenth episode, titled ‘Pulse.’ He is an associate of Daniel Blake and is involved in a weapons deal with China. Actor Chris Vance plays the role of Mason Quinn in the series. Vance is known for his performances in shows such as ‘Hawaii Five-0,’ ‘Supergirl,’ and ‘The Transporter.’ Some viewers might recognize the actor as Dalton Walsh from the crime drama ‘Bosch.’ Vance appears in two episodes of ‘The Equalizer’ as a guest star.

Quinn’s dealings with China and activities reveal that he is a notorious terrorist who has joined hands with USA’s enemies. Robyn learns later that Quinn is responsible for the death of Bishop, her mentor. Robyn then sets out to find and defeat Quinn. In the season 3 premiere, titled ‘Pulse,’ Robyn is kidnapped by Quinn but manages to escape. She foils Quinn’s plan to detonate a radioactive bomb in New York City. With CIA Agent Carter Griffin’s help, Robyn arrests Quinn. Robyn kills Quinn when he attempts to flee for his own life. Quinn is killed when he falls from the roof.

Chris Vance is leaving The Equalizer

Chris Vance’s Mason Quinn is one of the most dangerous enemies Robyn faces in the series. Although he doesn’t appear in many episodes, his presence is felt throughout season 2. Robyn is also dealt a fatal blow by him when he kills Bishop. Quinn warns Robyn to stay clear of his path or she could face severe consequences. Robyn and her crew defeat Quinn’s plans and end up arresting him. Quinn attempts to escape but fails and ends up losing his life. The final moments of the season 3 premiere clearly show Quinn’s dead body meaning that the character is definitely dead. Therefore, it is likely that actor Chris Vance’s time on the show has ended.

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Neither Vance nor the show’s makers have officially commented on the actor’s exit from the series. However, given that Vance was only associated with the series in a guest-starring capacity, it is understandable that his departure wasn’t announced in advance. Moreover, the death of Vance’s character provides Robyn with a satisfying moment as she avenges the death of her mentor by killing Quinn. Thus, the series ends the long-running dispute between Quinn and Robyn. While Vance is yet to announce his forthcoming projects, it is unlikely that viewers will see him again in ‘The Equalizer.’

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