Is Marvin Dead? Is London Brown Leaving Raising Kanan?

Portrayed by London Brown, Marvin Thomas is one of the main characters in Starz’s ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan.’ One of the three Thomas siblings, Marvin is wild, volatile, and unpredictable, making him one of the most dangerous characters in the show, though he is not as dangerous as his sister, Raq. In the course of the series, Marvin becomes the second-in-command in Raq’s business, especially with Lou Lou’s desire to leave the criminal life behind and establish himself as a music producer. Season 2, episode 8, shows Marvin assassinated in New Jersey by Italian mobsters. If you are wondering whether Marvin is dead and Brown is leaving ‘Raising Kanan,’ here is what we think. SPOILERS Ahead

Is Marvin still alive?

As mentioned above, Marvin is part of the main cast of ‘Raising Kanan,’ a prequel to ‘Power,’ which aired from 2014 to 2020. Although he was mentioned in the original series’, his fate and whereabouts were not revealed. Season 2 episode 8’s build up to the finale scene suggests that Marvin is about to be relegated to a secondary role. Since he hit his daughter, Marvin’s relationship with her has been turbulent. They make some progress in this episode. Jukebox’s mother, Kenya, turns out to be a homophobic and religious fanatic and puts her daughter through conversion therapy. When Marvin confronts Kenya, the latter slaps him, prompting Jukebox to call him “dad.”

Meanwhile, the Italians find out that Marvin was the one who hired Sal’s son Marco for the ill-fated hit on Toni Deep. Sal meets up with Raq and asks for her brother’s death as a way to balance things between them. Raq refuses and reminds Sal that her son died due to his own mistakes. In response, Sal points out that he could have asked for her own son’s death, subtly threatening to kill Kanan if Raq doesn’t acquiesce. Raq continues to reject him.

Almost inevitably, the reprisal of Marvin’s actions comes toward the end of the episode. He asks Renee to take him out and he goes to Renee, who was the instructor for the anger management classes. Two men suddenly appear from the dark alley and begin shooting at each other. The episode ends there without revealing Marvin’s fate or that of his companion.

Given that it happens in episode 8 and not in season 2 finale and that the show writers decide to use the scene as a cliffhanger, the chance of Marvin’s survival is significant, though the same can’t be said about Renee. She is a recurring role in this season. Her death will most likely serve as a plot device to determine what happens in the next episodes.

London Brown is leaving Kanan-raising?

The character of Marvin has been inspired by rapper 50 Cent’s (who played Kanan Stark in the original show)uncle, whose name is Horace. If Marvin isn’t dead, Brown isn’t going to leave ‘Raising Kanan’ anytime soon. However, there is a remote possibility that he is indeed dead, and if that’s the case, then season 2 episode 8 marks Brown’s departure from the show. He will be the first member of ‘Raising Kanan’s main cast of characters to die. Brown spoke out about Marvin in an interview with Showbiz CheetSheet in October 2021.

I just want him to be respected still,” the actor said. “But I do want some resolution for his situation with his daughter. I don’t know how that’s gonna be, but I would like for that to be resolved or at least for people to see him and know that he’s trying to fix it. It’s not like Marvin had that incident with his daughter and then he went to watch the game in the living room. He broke down. He was really hurt about that.”

Brown continued, “So if we can get some resolution to that and still let Marvin be a work in progress, I think that would be a fine middle ground.” While the eighth episode of the second season offers some resolution between Marvin and Jukebox, it’s not enough. There is a good chance that he will survive the assassination attempt. However, Jukebox’s character is only as tragic if he does not survive the assassination attempt.

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