Is Loujain “LJ” Adada Dating Anyone? Who is her boyfriend?

Through Netflix’s “Dubai Bling,’ the world audience was able to experience the lavish lifestyle that the upper class can enjoy in Dubai, UAE. It is a real-life show that centres around the members of a rich social circle in the city as they live their daily or professional routines.

It is expected that there will be plenty of drama, love and tension that will keep viewers entertained. One of the famous characters in the show’s initial season was Loujain “LJ” Adada, who won the hearts of viewers with her stunning grace and beauty. Naturally, fans are keen to learn details about the reality television actress’s love life, and we’re here to help answer that question!

Loujain “LJ” Adada’s Ex Relationship

Loujain Adada, better known as LJ, was born in California but was raised in her homeland of Lebanon. The reality TV star joined the modelling world at a young age and made her name in the world of entertainment in the year 21. But, she chose to retire from her profession when the love of her life with and was married to Walid Juffali, who was a billionaire Saudi businessman. Walid was well-known within the Arab business community for his role as E.A. Juffali and Brothers chairman. Juffali and Brothers are among the biggest private companies in Saudi Arabia, and Walid was the first to inherit it following his father’s death. Walid was also the chairman of W Investments, an investment firm based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Walid and Loujain got married on November 12, 2012. Walid aged 61, and people could not help but look at the huge age gap. The ceremony of marriage between Walid as well as Loujain was sure to last for a long time. “Her wedding was over $10 million. The bride wore a necklace that was valued at over $2 million,” Loujain’s “Dubai” cast member said on the show. “She even had the Karl Lagerfeld dress valued at more than $200,000. The entire family was flown to the wedding in Venice by private aircraft.” The bride looked like a princess and compared the wedding to a fairytale.

The wedding was not the first wedding of Walid, and Walid was legally married to his third spouse, Christina Estrada, while tying the wedding ring with Loujain. This was possible because Saudi law allows males to be polygamous and marry four women simultaneously. Then, Walid divorced Estrada through the Islamic custom that permits men to divorce their wives by using the term “talaq” three times. The word means divorce in English, and using it to divorce the wife of one’s choice is controversial, even though it’s legally legal in Saudi Arabia. This led Estrada, who was divorced without knowing, to start a lawsuit that won PS75 million (~$87 million).

When they were we were married, Walid and Loujain had two daughters, Talia and Lana. Tragically, in July 2016, Walid Juffali died after a prolonged battle with cancer shortly following Lana’s birth. Lana. After his death, Walid’s fortune and the estate were divided between various charities and organizations. Walid also allocated a substantial amount that was divided between his wives and his five daughters.

Loujain “LJ” Adada’s Boyfriend

As of this writing, Loujain Adada does not seem to be with anyone. The reality television actor did reveal in the initial season of “Dubai Bling” that she was excited to resume her relationship after one year of living in Dubai. On the program, she had an outing together with Ebraheem Al Samadi. However, it turned out to be an unplanned disaster. There was also a brief romance with an entrepreneur Fadie Musallet. But, the relationship did not seem to be working out. However, Loujain appears to remain on good terms with both men.

In the present, Loujain seems dedicated to raising her two daughters, Talia and Lana. But, thanks to her hit role in ‘Dubai, Bling Loujain appears to be poised to return to the modeling world. Loujain also has a huge social media presence that allows her to endorse different companies and brands.

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