Is Jeremiah Gay or Bisexual in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

Based on the book of the same name, ’The Summer I Turned Pretty’ follows the love life of a young girl named Belly. Every summer, she travels to Cousins Beach, where she spends the vacation with the family of her mother’s friend, Susannah. She develops strong bonds with Susannah, her sons Conrad and Jeremiah over the years. Belly has been in love with Conrad since forever, but he hasn’t really paid attention to her that way. Belly, who is about to turn sixteen, hopes that all will change. She hopes she won’t be seen as a kid anymore.

Conrad, Jeremiah and her wish come true. Both her brothers have a special relationship and wish it to continue. Belly must make an unimaginable choice. This is where the drama of the story begins. Conrad is quieter than Jeremiah, who is more energetic and bold. As any other teenager, he enjoys casual and flirty affairs. While the show does not change the character of Jeremiah as it did in the book’s portrayal, there are some key aspects that the show changes. Here’s what you should know about Jeremiah’s sexuality.

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Is Jeremiah Bisexual?

Yes, Jeremiah Fisher is bisexual in the TV adaptation of ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’. Jeremiah is a friend and fun character in the book. He is open about his feelings, unlike his brother Conrad. He often states what he means. He is also very flirtatious and can charm his way into anyone’s heart. We often see him having fun at parties. In the book, his name is only associated with girls. But in the show, it is more open-minded.

The first time we discover Jeremiah’s interest in more than one gender is at the club where he and Steven are working for the summer. Steven is pointing out several girls while he tells him about the people he’s had fun with. Later, we see him flirting with a boy at a party and they kiss. The book doesn’t show any such interactions, which means that this change in Jeremiah is limited only to the adaptation.

Jeremiah is still the same person that readers saw in the book, despite the fluidity of their sexuality. Jenny Han, the author of the book, explained to Variety the reasons behind the changes made to bring the story to life on screen. It was about “updating the novel for contemporary audiences”. A decade-and-a half later, the authors were able to retell the story and incorporate current-day elements.

“To me, the essence of the character is still the same,” Han said. “It’s just, how would I write this person in 2022 versus how I wrote them 13 years ago?” The essence of Jeremiah’s character is his easygoing nature as well as his relationship with Belly. Both are the same throughout the series. No matter how many flings you have, Team Jeremiah will always love Belly.

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