Is Elliot Page Still In Umbrella Academy? Who Does Elliot Page Plays In The Umbrella Academy?

Elliot Page 

Elliot Page, formerly Ellen Page, is a Canadian actor and producer in television and film. He has received many awards, including an Oscar nod, two Emmy nominations and a Satellite Award. Page rose to prominence for his work in the television series Pit Pony (1997–2000), for which he received a Young Artist Award nomination, and for his recurrent appearances in Trailer Park Boys (2002) and ReGenesis (2004). (2004). 

Page made his debut in 2005 with Hard Candy, which won him an Austin Film Critics Association Award. He was also nominated to an Empire Award. For his role as the lead character in Jason Reitman’s Juno (2007) film, Page was nominated for an Academy Award and two BAFTA Awards. He was the fourth-youngest nominee for the Academy Award as Best Actress at 20.

Later television roles include anchoring the documentary series Gaycation (2016–2017), for which he received two Primetime Emmy nominations, and starring as Viktor Hargreeves in the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy (2019–present). In December 2020, Page came out as transgender to the public. In March 2021, he was the first transgender man to appear on the cover of Time magazine.

Is Elliot Page Still In Umbrella Academy?

Between the launch of season 2 of The Umbrella Academy’s 2020 season and the premiere on Netflix this week of season 3, something significant happened: Elliot Page, the series actor, came out as transgender. The company quickly clarified that Page’s participation in the program would not be affected. They went on to state that the character would also be changing and taking the name Viktor Hargreeves. Page explained to Seth Meyers Tuesday night that Umbrella Academy showrunner Steve Blackman viewed this transition as serious and was open to advice from Page, and trans writers, in telling Viktor’s story.

Who is Elliot Page?

Elliot Page played the role of Viktor Hargreeves/Vanya Hargreeves prior to his transition. Viktor Hargreeves was previously known as Vanya Hargreeves. He was one of 43 babies who were born to women without any signs of pregnancy on the 12th hour. Sir Reginald Hargreeves adopted seven kids with the intention of helping them save the world. Viktor appears to be lacking in abilities, unlike his six adopted siblings. Viktor was a gifted musician and published an autobiography about his experiences as an average member of the Umbrella Academy. Viktor’s story, however, is fiction. He was not only gifted but also the most powerful person in the academy. He also discovers that he will always be the cause of the Apocalypse. He has already brought the world to its end twice before, once in 2019 as well as in 1963.  

Is Elliot Page Still Going To Be In Umbrella Academy?

Page, who became transgender in December 2019, announced in March his character, Viktor Hargreeves in season 3. He will transition to the new name Viktor Hargreeves. Viktor uses the pronouns “he/him/his”, also known as Number Seven. Working on Viktor’s backstory and trans identity with showrunner Steve Blackman and Thomas Page McBee – a writer with whom Page previously worked on “Tales of the City” – was “such a fantastic experience,” according to Page.

Raver-Lampman suggested that “The Umbrella Academy’s” third season will be about the Hargreeves family trying to return to their original chronology. She also praised Page’s friendship, which she called “just the best.”

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