Is Dierks Bentley Married? Dierks Bentley Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth, Songs, And More

Is Dierks Bentley Married? Dierks Bentley Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth, Songs, And More

Who Is Dierks Bentley?

Frederick Dierks Bentley is an American country music singer/songwriter. He was born to Leon Fife Bentley (Indiana) and Catherine Childs in Phoenix, Arizona on 20 November 1975. Dierks studied at Culver Academies in Indiana, and graduated in 1993 from The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey. He graduated from Vanderbilt University (Nashville, Tennessee) in 1997. In 2003, Dierks signed to Capitol Nashville. He also released his self-titled album that year. He released Modern Day Drifter, his second album in 2005, and Soon Long Trip Alone, in 2006., Feel That Fire, Home in 2009, Riser in 2014 and Black in 2014., The Mountain in 2018, The K Is Still Silent in 2020. 

Is Dierks Bentley Married?

Yes, Dierks Bentley is married. Cassidy Black, his Mexican wife, was the one he married on 17/12/2005. They currently live in Nashville, with their three children as well as George, their dog. Cassidy met Dierks in Arizona in 8th grade. They had a long-lasting relationship. She was invited to Dierks’ tour and has been traveling with him ever since.  Cassidy and Dierks were engaged three days later.

Dierks Bentley Wife

Dierks Bentley’s wife is Cassidy Black. She was married to Dierks in December 2005. Cassidy is the mother of Dierks’s three children; two daughters and a son. They have been married 17 years. Cassidy was 8th grade in Arizona when Dierks met her. They have been in an ongoing relationship ever since. Cassidy & Dierks were first engaged in 2005 and then got married three days later.

Dierks Bentley Biography

Specifications More Details
Full Name Frederick Dierks Bentley
Age 46 years old
Date of birth 20 November 1975
Birthplace Phoenix, Arizona, U.S
Nationality American
Education Graduate
Occupation Singer and Songwriter
Parents Leon Fife Bentley and Catherine Childs
Siblings None
Status in Relationship Married
Spouse/Girlfriend Cassidy Black
Children 3
Height 6 feet
Weight 76kg
Net Worth $30 Million

Dierks Bentley Age

At the moment, Dierks is 46 years of age. Dierks Bentley, the son of Leon Fife Bentley, and Catherine Childs, was born on 20th November 1975. He does not appear to have siblings. His father was a bank vice-president while his father’s parents were Richard Thomas Bentley Jr and Mary Cecile Bentley. Richard was a World War 2 Lieutenant. Dierks is Richard’s maternal great-grandmother’s surname.

Dierks Bentley Height

Dierks Bentley’s height is measured to be around 6 feet tall. He is 183 cm tall in centimeters. Dierks claims he stands 6 feet tall, even though he uses Twitter to claim so. He is estimated to weigh in at 76 kg and weighs in at 168 pounds. There are 25 singles from Dierks Bentley’s studio albums on the Hot Country Songs or Country Airplay charts. These songs reached number one and the top 5 on the Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay charts. 

Dierks Bentley Net Worth

Dierks Bentley’s net worth is estimated to be around $30 million. His music career, including his hits singles and albums, is his main source of income. He may also get involved in promotions, sponsorships or endorsements.

Dierks Bentley Songs

Below are 15 of the most popular songs by Dierks.

Year Songs
2016 Somewhere on a Beach
2007 It’s Free and Easy (Down the Road, I Go)
2005 Lot Of Leavin’ Left To do
2021 Beers On Me
2022 Worth a Shot
2009 Sideways
2018 Burning Man
2005 Get a Little closer
2014 Drunk On A Plane
2008 Feel the fire!
2016 Black
2020 It’s gone
2003 What Was I Thinkin’
2016 I’ll Be The Moon
2016 Different for Girls
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