Is Destinie Pregnant Love After Lockup, Life After Lockup Destinie Folsom Is Pregnant?

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Is Destinie Pregnant Love After Lockup? 

According to a report, Destinie posted a Facebook ad that seemed to give the scoop on Destinie’s second pregnancy a few month ago. The truck featured in the advertisement was available for purchase in March. The advertisement stated, “22,000 dollars into the truck, owe 9,000 just to pay off and purchase something more suitable and cheaper with a baby in the mix.” It is rare to find someone who is not happy selling, but has family needs that are important.

Life After Lockup Destinie Folsom Is Pregnant 

Jason, Destinie’s spouse, signed the advertisement. The fact that the ad seems to show what Destinie was anticipating does not affect my assumption that Jason was the one advertising the truck on Destinie’s page. Online sources claim that Jason later confirmed Destinie’s pregnancy and the gender in the comments on Facebook.

“Life After Lockup: Is This Destinie’s First Pregnancy?”

This is not her first child. According to the WE tv teaser, Destinie says Shawn is her child. Destinie can be heard saying, “It’s retribution,” while driving a vehicle. The cut shows Shawn’s and Sara’s wedding. Shawn cries out, “I screwed it up.” I believe he’s talking to Sara. Destinie displays a sonogram while holding her phone up to camera. It is her baby. Next, Destinie, a pregnant woman, is shown driving and using her phone. I’m currently at the ER. The video ends with Shawn, a man who looks like Shawn, burying both his head and hands in a hospital room. He is wearing scrubs. 

Life After Lockup – Destinie Folsom

Destinie took Shawn on a wild adventure after her release from prison. Their romantic relationship blossomed and fell during season three of Love After Lockup. Destinie was in prison for drug possession. They met through a prison letter buddy program, fell in love, and began dating. Destinie was happy in prison because Shawn gave it money and got her what she wanted. Shawn was the only one to tell her the truth about Shawn’s six children and his age.

Life after Lockup

Love After Lockup is a reality television program that follows the lives and loved ones of recently released prisoners. We TV announced that Love After Lockup would premiere on January 12, 2018, on December 7, 2017. The third season of Love After Lockup will debut on July 17, 2020. It was officially announced on June 25, 2020. Love During Lockup was announced as a new series on October 1, 2021. The film will be released in January 2022.

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