Is Darren McMullen Married? Know Darren McMullen Age, Wife, Girlfriend, Partner, Net Worth, And More

Who Is Darren McMullen

Darren McMullen, a Scottish-Australian television personality, radio personality, music journalist and music critic, is a broadcaster, radio personality, and television presenter. He was born in Glasgow to his parents Jim and Ellison on the 10th of February 1982. Martin is Darren’s brother. He immigrated to Australia as a 12 year old with his family. Darren graduated from Bradfield College and went on to an advertising executive position. He began his career as a host and presenter with Arena’s Exclusive news on Foxtel and appeared in major advertising campaigns for Westfield and Gloria Jean’s. From 2007 to 2008, he appeared on MTV Australia’s The Lair as the host. Darren is well-known for his contributions to The Voice Kids, The Voice Kids, Minute to Win It, Commerical Breakdown, and The Voice Kids. He was also an employee of Seven Network and Nine Network. 

Is Darren McMullen Married?

No, Darren McMullen is not married. He is currently single. Though he was in a relationship with Crystal Reed from 2013 to 2019, they were planning to get married, but unfortunately, they broke up when they didn’t find time for each other because of their work schedules. Crystal Reed is an American actress and she is best known for her role in the ‘Teen Wolf’ series.

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Is Darren McMullen Gay?

No, Darren McMullen is not gay. From 2013 to 2019, he was with Crystal Reed. Currently, Darren’s single and has not been in a relationship. He supports same-sex marriage but is not gay. We will let you know if Darren McMullen becomes gay through our website. 

What Happened to Darren McMullen

Darren McMullen had previously appeared on The Celebrity Apprentice Australia’s 6th Season on the Nine Network. Lord Sugar revealed to the semi-finalists that Darren McMullen had been admitted to hospital because of illness. His health was a concern after the contestants and his supporters heard. Darren McMullen was among the four semi-finalists along with Amy Shark and Ronnie Caceres.

Darren McMullen Biography

Specifications Details
Name Darren McMullen
Age 40 years old
Date of birth 10 February 1982
Birth Place Glasgow, Scotland
Nationality British-Australian
Education Graduate
Occupation Tv Presenter
Parents Unknown
Siblings 1
Relationship Status Single
Partner Crystal Reed (2013-2019).
Children Nil
Height 6 feet
Weight Unknown
Net Worth $1.5 Million

Darren McMullen Age

Darren McMullen has a current age of 40. He was born in Glasgow on February 10, 1982. After he was 12 years old, he immigrated to Australia with his family. We don’t know much about his parents. Once we know more, we will post it on our website.

Darren McMullen Wife

Darren McMullen does not have a wife and is not married. Darren is still single. From 2013 to 2019, he was in a relationship that included Crystal Reed. They separated later. We will update our website if he is married.

Darren McMullen Girlfriend

Darren McMullen’s girlfriend was Crystal Reed. Crystal Reed was Darren’s girlfriend when they first met in 2013. Their relationship lasted almost six years from 2013 through 2019. They had planned to marry but their schedules were too tight. After Crystal Reed’s divorce, he is now single and has not had a girlfriend.

Darren McMullen Partner

Crystal Reed was Darren McMullen’s partner for six years, from 2013 to 2019. They began to date one another as soon as they met in 2013. Unfortunately, they split up because they were both too busy with work and didn’t have time for eachother. Darren McMullen currently has no partner and is single. 

Darren McMullen Net Worth

Darren’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million. His television career as an actor, presenter, and host is his main source income. It is quite impressive for someone with a net worth of approximately 1.5 million dollars at 40. He also gets paid for his advertisements, sponsorships, and endorsements. 

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