Is Carmen And Corey Still Together 2022? Did Carmen And Corey Break Up?

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Is Carmen and Corey Still Together 2022

YouTubers Carmen and Corey have a family-oriented channel. They share family-oriented content such as pranks, parenting moments, and the ups & downs. Their family is made of Carmen and Corey, their son CJ and Corey’s son from a previous relationship with Ayden. Carmen and Corey are legally married. They have made videos and said that they would like to have a proper wedding ceremony. They were married just a few months ago when they welcomed a boy. 

Did Carmen And Corey Break Up 2022?

Corey and Carmen are believed to still be together. Their channel has over four million subscribers and was started in 2018. They also have a strong fanbase. They announced their pregnancy in 2021 and their video was featured on the top trending page. Carmen began recording right after finding out she was pregnant. They even teased the due dates on their channel. 

Are Carmen and Corey still together?

They are well-known for vlogging every moment of their lives so it was quite strange that their channel suddenly stopped posting for a few months. In a video, they announced that their baby had died. Carmen said, “I had a miscarriage. I’ve been miscarrying since two weeks. Didn’t know.” She said that she had been feeling ill for a while but the news came out of nowhere and she was not expecting it. 

Carmen And Corey

Carmen and Corey wanted to expand their family, but they weren’t going to place any pressure on them to do so. They said, “Right now, we’re just going to focus on, basically, enjoying life. We have CJ, so that would make our lives easier right now. Carmen is 23 and Corey is 24. They began dating in November 2016 and Corey also started his own YouTube channel. They started their channel together in 2018 and CJ was born in October 2018. 


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  • Is Carmen and Corey Still Together

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