Is Cait Fairbanks Leaving The Young And The Restless? What Happened To Tessa In Young And Restless?

The Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless is an American soap opera. In the soap, Tessa is one of the main characters, and fans suspect whether she may leave Y&R. Many characters have been and gone throughout the history of The Young and the Restless. The show’s fans are eager to learn if Cait Fairbanks has left The Young and the Restless. Find out the answer in this article. You can also find all the details regarding Tessa’s exit from The Young and the Restless.

Cait Fairbanks is leaving The Young And The Restless

Actress Cait Fairbanks, Tessa’s potrayer,  has never mentioned leaving the show in the coming months. It is believed she was taking a break. Tessa Porter, a fictional character from The Young And The Restless, is very popular. The character Tessa was first introduced by 2017 to Cait Fairbanks. Fans are now wondering if she might leave The Young and the Restless. Many believe that the production had been planning for her departure in the previous episodes. The Young and the Restless have not announced her departure.

Cait Fairbanks

Tessa is leaving The Young and The Restless

Tessa, one of the main characters on The Young and the Restless isn’t going anywhere. Many assumed that she would be taking a break from the show due to her health issues. In Y&R’s previous episodes, Tessa had a sore throat.

Cait is believed to be currently in Palermo with Jay Randolph, a fellow musician. Fans have been waiting to see her return since they believe that the actress is taking a break. Cait has not yet suggested that she take a break or start a new project.

Is Cait Fairbanks Taking A Break From Y&R?

Soap Dirt reports that actress Cait Fairbanks is currently in Palermo (Italy) with Jay Randolph. Cait may be filming scenes on the soap, so it is less likely she is there now. Cait’s departure from The Young And The Restless would mean that Tessa, the character, would be leaving the soap. This could be temporary and not a permanent departure. Nothing has been confirmed.

What happened to Tessa Young and Restless

Mariah and Tessa were discussing Tessa’s sore throat in the previous episode of The Young And The Restless. She explained that Tessa needed tea to soothe her sore throat. Tessa is supposed to go on a tour, and Y&R viewers would know that Tessa is a singer. She needs her voice to be flawless. All of these seem like a storyline for an exit.


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