Is Bushra Shaikh Married? Know Bushra Shaikh Wiki, Height, Age, Biography, And More

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Bushra Shaikh Wiki

Bushra Shaikh is an actress who has lately been in the news after getting mired in a significant dispute after emerging in the marital reality show “Swayamvar – Mika Di Vohti,” presented by Star Bharat. She was born in Mumbai on the 1st of May 1998. She is currently 24 years old. If we believe the allegations against her made by her alleged husband, she’s 30 years old. This means that she also forged her birth certificates.

Is Bushra Shaikh Married?

According to sources, the actress is not married. But, she participated in the recent show called Swayamvar MikaDi Vohti, and there are some speculation regarding her married life as a person named Adil Shaikh, who tweeted that she is married and a mom of a child too. It was neither approved nor rejected by the actress. 

Bushra Shaikh Biography

Specifications Details
Full Name Bushra Shaikh
Age  24 years old
Date of birth 1 May, 1998
Birth Place Mumbai, Maharashtra
Nationality Indian
Gender Female
Profession Acting and Youtube videos
Religion Islam

Bushra Shaikh Age

Age is definitely a factor that mentions one’s youth and maturity, you might wonder what is Bushra Shaikh’s age as well. Although we might have seen Bushra Shaikh in younger years, age does not last forever. You might wonder what Bushra Shaikh’s age is, or you might have predicted the age of Bushra Shaikh. But let’s see if your prediction goes well with Bushra Shaikh’s age as of 2022. Well, Bushra Shaikh is currently 24 years as of 2022. We will provide more information about Bushra Sharif as soon as we have it.

Bushra Shaikh Height

Bushra Shahik has reached a decent height. He gained immense fame and a reputation that saw him featured in numerous headlines. On witnessing Bushra Shaikh’s name reaching a decent height, you might wonder what Bushra Shaikh’s actual height in feet and meters is. Well, if you have no clue about Bushra Shaikh’s height as of 2022, here’s the answer. Bushra Shaikh is 5 feet tall and 1.68 meters in height. We will be mindful of adding more insights about Bushra Shaikh’s height if it varies as time passes.

Bushra Shaikh Weight

Though Bushra Shaikh’s name is echoed in multiple stages, and though many people are aware of Bushra Shaikh, people have little clue about what is Bushra Shaikh’s weight. On seeing Bushra Shaikh’s physical appearance, you might have estimated their weight before searching it online. If you have no clue about Bushra Shaikh’s weight, Bushra Shaikh is 55 kgs as of 2022. Well, if we witness any updates regarding Bushra Shaikh’s weight, we will be mindful of adding it to this page.

Bushra Shaikh Net Worth

Bushra Shaikh is worth $1 million as of 2022, per the research we seconded from a few notable websites. Our result is based upon 2022. The estimated amount includes his salary for his activities based upon his primitive career and a few additional talents. His net worth can fluctuate with time. If we notice a decline in the estimated amounts or a surplus, we will update it here. We believe Bushra Shaikh may have chosen investments that would double his returns, which could add to his Networth.

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