InVita Healthcare Technologies Buys BloodHub

InVita Healthcare TechnologiesBaltimore-based software company, based in Maryland, purchased BloodHub, a Phoenix-based supplier of automation solutions for blood supply chains and biologicals.

The amount of the deal has not been disclosed.

With the acquisition, InVita Healthcare Technologies will combine entity’s solution portfolio to support every process critical to blood center operations from the moment donors are recruited until blood products are ordered, collected, manufactured, tested, and delivered to hospitals. BloodHub is joining InVita’s Blood Management Division to form a complete provider of connected software solutions to blood centers in North America.

BloodHub’s CEO Michael Pandelakis is leading the company. BloodHub focuses on providing web-enabled blood management apps. Over 60% of US’ blood supply orders are processed through BloodHub’s flagship order-to-cash cycle automation solution. BloodRelay, the company’s latest offering, is a 510k-cleared system that automates IRL, or Immunohematology Reference Laboratory (IRL) workflows. This includes sample management and testing as well as reporting. 

InVita’s CEO Todd Collins is responsible for providing chain of custody software technologies to complex medical, forensic, and community care environments. InVita’s solutions optimize supply chains and track, visibility and visibility across blood, plasma, tissue, implant lifecycles and environments spanning DNA, forensics, and other complex care environments. InVita’s solutions support increased compliance and cost control, reduced risk, and improved patient and public safety outcomes.



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