Interview With the Vampire Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

‘Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire’ or simply ‘Interview with the Vampire’ tells a gothic tale of romance and horror set in the 20th century. It is about the complicated relationship between Louis de Pointe du Lac, a vampire, and Lestat de Lelioncourt, a human. The second episode of the AMC drama, titled ‘…After the Phantoms of Your Former Self’ follows Louis’ attempts at adapting to life as a vampire. Lestat and Louis are however plagued by a variety of ethical and physical issues. Therefore, viewers must be wondering how the duo’s relationship progresses. In that case, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Interview with the Vampire’ episode 2! SPOILERS BEFORE!

Interview with the Vampire Episode 2 Recap

The second episode, titled ‘…After the Phantoms of Your Former Self’ opens with Louis returning to continue his interview with Daniel Molloy after his outburst. Louis’ servants offer Molloy a grand meal while Louis apologizes for his behavior. As Molloy eats, he continues asking questions about Louis’ past, and the latter gladly answers. Louis tells Molloy about his early days after Lestat’s bite turned him into a vampire. We move to the 1910s and see Louis and Lestat preying upon commoners in New Orleans’ dark alleyways.

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Louis hears Lestat explain to him the changes in his body after he becomes a vampire. Louis decides to go home and visit his family before Lestat can fully reveal the downsides of their immortal life. His skin begins to burn as soon as he steps in the sun. Lestat retrieves Louis and restarts the latter’s training. Lestat teaches Louis how to control his blood sugar and use his enhanced hearing.

Louis becomes a “fledgling,” and Lestat becomes his “master.” Despite disliking some of Lestat’s methods, Louis continues to live with the older vampire as Lestat has charmed his way into Louis’ heart. Louis sometimes feels like a slave due to the limitations Lestat places upon him. He decides to open his own company.

Louis borrows money to buy a local club. Louis transforms the club into a profitable business and repays Lestat with the borrowed money. Louis is still able to control his bloodlust while interfacing with other people. Louis visits his mother and discovers that his sister is pregnant with twins. Louis visits his sister after the birth of the twins and nearly consumes one nephew. Louis is embarrassed at his own behavior and Lestat uses this opportunity to convince him to leave his family.

Interview With The Vampire Episode 2: Why Did Lestat Kill The Singer? Louis Does Not Like Killing

Lestat helps Louis to feel better after he feels depressed about the thought of seprating his family. Lestat suggests that Louis go to Rome, Italy. But he has actually planned for Louis to attend an opera. Louis is enthusiastic about the idea and joins Lestat to the opera house. Louis must be careful because he is black and has to follow certain rules in public with Lestat. Louis is Lestat’s chauffeur. Louis can only take his seat once the lights have gone out.

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During the performance of Gaetano Donizetti’s ‘Don Pasquale,’ Louis commends Lestat’s affection for music. He notices that Lestat’s love for music maintains his thread with humanity and likely allows him to control his bloodthirst. During the performance, the male lead sings a few wrong notes, and Louis notices Lestat’s expression changes. Lestat praises Lestat’s performance and invites them to a glass of wine, but he clearly is unhappy with the male lead.

Lestat shows the singer how to make mistakes by playing the opera songs on a piano. With Lestat’s performance,e the singer realizes his errors and loses his confidence. Meanwhile, Louis uses his powers to read the singer’s thoughts and begins to feel sympathy for him. Lestat eventually sees an opportunity and kills the singer. Louis is disgusted at Lestat’s actions but is still under the older vampire’s powers.

Lestat shows Louis the kill by using it as an example to show him that they are natural hunters. Louis joins Lestat in drinking the singer’s blood, implying that he agrees with Lestat’s philosophy. However, in the present, Louis explains to Molloy that he was merely seduced by Lestat’s charm and did not actually believe he was a natural killer. Louis also mentions that he eats human foods during the conversation. This suggests that he still has a connection to his humanity. As a result, the episode’s ending narrowly differentiates Louis from Lestat and highlights the former’s humanity. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how Louis and Lestat’s relationship progresses.

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