How To Watch Andor Episodes, The New Star Wars Show?

Star Wars fans? If so, you’re going to love the new Andor series! This American television series is a prequel film Rogue One. It follows Cassian Andor, a thief who becomes a rebel spy during the five years preceding Rogue.

This series offers a new perspective on the Star Wars galaxy, following Cassian Andor’s journey to discover his potential. The series tells the story about how people and planets were involved in the rebellion against the Empire. It’s a time of risk, deception, and intrigue where Cassian will take on the destiny that will transform him into an epic hero.

If you’re not a big fan of Star Wars, then you might not be interested in the Andor series. It’s worth a shot. It might be something you enjoy.

 Check out Andor online episodes today!

ANDOR’s Cast

Diego Luna as Cassian Andor  (A thief from Kenari, whose planet was destroyed by the Galactic Empire’s mining project gone wrong), Kyle Soller as Syril Karn  (A Deputy inspector for Pre-Mor Authority, determined to capture Andor) Adria Arjona Bix Caleen (An ally for Andor, a mechanic dealer on the black market).

Joplin Sibtain Brasso  (Andor’s co-worker and colleague.), James McArdle as Timm Karlo  (Caleen’s co-worker and boyfriend), Rupert Vansittart as Chief Hyne (Syril’s Pre-Mor superior.Stellan Skarsgard Luthen Rael  (Caleen’s dealer contact who is a part of the Rebel Alliance.), Fiona Shaw as Maarva Andor  (Cassian’s adoptive mother), Alex Ferns as Sergeant Linus Mosk Gary Beadle, a Pre-Mor officer Clem Andor  (Maarva’s partner and Cassian’s adoptive father).

Genevieve O’Reilly as Mon Mothma  (A senator who works secretly to establish the Rebel Alliance whilst navigating the Empire’s politics) and Denise Gough as Dedra Meero (A high-ranking Imperial officer.

Andor’s Episode Guide:

This Season of Andor TV Series includes 12 episodes. Three episodes of Andor Season 1 were aired together a few days ago, i.e. 21 September 2022 They were directed by Toby Haynes, and written by Tony Gilroy. 

The 12 remaining Episodes will be available weekly, with the next one due out on 28th September 2022. Don’t forget to finish the previous ones before you start the next one. 

Andor Season 1 Episode I – Recap:

Cassian Andor journeys to Morlana One (an industrial planet) in search of his sister. This is five years before the Battle of Yavin. Two Pre-Mor Authority security guards get in Cassian’s way while looking for her at a brothel. The trio soon get into a fight outside the brothel. Cassian accidentally kills one officer and executes the other. Cassian escapes to Ferrix to avoid detection and unsuccessfully tries to get B2EMO (his adopted mom’s droid) and Brasso (a friend) to help him conceal his tracks.


After Cassian asks Bix to help him, Bix attempts to find a black market buyer of the Starpath Unit, navigation technology that is extremely valuable in the Imperial World. Bix meets the buyer after she agrees, but Timm, her boyfriend suspects her of trying to hide her connection with Cassian. Back on Morlana One, the security chief’s decision to conceal the murders in order to boost his report to the Imperial authorities backfires when his deputy, the ambitious Syril Karn, refuses to let it go. Karn uses Cassian’s ship to find where he is from- Ferrix. An eyewitness tells him that Kenari is his home planet after he saw him in a brothel. While investigating the wreckage of a ship, a younger Cassian, Kassa, discovers a vast Republic mining operation.

Andor Season 1 Episode II – Recap:

After becoming suspicious of Cassian, Timm reports him to Pre-Mor security. This leads to a warrant being issued for Cassian’s arrest. Mosk, another Pre-Mor officer who is equally determined and aggressive, agrees with Karn to capture Cassian. Maarva is scared by the warrant when B2EMO informs them about it. Cassian plans to flee this planet. Meanwhile, Luthen Rael, Bix’s buyer, goes to Ferrix to retrieve the Starpath Unit.

Kassa and his crew search for the wrecked ship in flashbacks, but they are attacked by a survivor. The tribe kills an intruder but runs away from the scene when one of its own is killed. Kassa decides that he will stay behind to explore the ship.

Andor Season 1 Episode III – Recap:

When Rael arrives on the planet Ferrix, he is immediately updated by Bix about Cassian’s arrest warrant. Even Rael, who is the inquisitor of Cassian’s arrest warrant, is shocked. He wants to meet Cassian face-to-face. Mosk, Karn and a group of twelve security personnel arrive on Ferrix too. They break into Maarva’s house and question her about Cassian’s location, but she refuses to cooperate. However, Karn decided to intercept a transmission from Cassian to B2EMO and allowed the security officers to locate Cassian’s position.

Screenshot 23

The townsfolk fled immediately after seeing the raid. They also sound bells throughout the city to warn others. This confusion and speed up potential enemies and allows more people to flee or hide.  Rael meets Cassian in an abandoned factory. Rael tries to persuade Cassian to join the Rebel Alliance despite Cassian’s desire to quickly sell the Starpath Unit and leave Ferrix.

Rael cites Cassian’s repeated success at stealing from and sabotaging Imperial ships as evidence that he would be an asset to their cause. however, There are security guards surrounding the factory before Cassian can consider Rael’s offer. They make it back to Maarva’s house, where they corner Karn and assess the situation. Timm accidentally lets Bix know that Cassian was his, prompting her to try to help him. She is however stopped by police officers. 

Timm attempts defend Bix but is attacked by an inept cop. Brasso has sabotage the shuttle and the officer is sent back for punishment. Rael and Cassian are able to lure the officers away, as he also rigging the shuttle to explode and kill some officers. Rael and Cassian escape the planet, leaving behind a stranded Karn or Mosk.

Flashbacks show that Maarva and Clem are scavengers. They find Kassa aboard the shipwreck. Maarva gives Kassa a tranquilizer and then takes him along, in anticipation of negative repercussions from Republic if they find him at crash site.

Andor Season 1 Upcoming Episodes:

What’s the story of Andor Season One Episode 2? Can Cassian complete his mission? Will he unite with Saw Gerrera Listen to the audio and find out! Episodes four, five, and six of Andor will be available on September 28, 2022, 5 Oct 2022, respectively.


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Where to Watch and/or View Episodes

Officially, the first three episodes were broadcast on Disney+. Sign up to receive a Disney+ trial for free. You can sign up for a free trial of Disney+ or a paid subscription.

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After a subscription, the first three episodes of Andor can be streamed on Hulu. It can be viewed on MTV Channel.

Where can I watch Andor Season 1 in U.K.

Star Wars has the best online place to watch Andor Season One. You can also access all episodes via the Andor YouTube channel. Andor is available on Sky TV or Now TV in the United Kingdom. 

Where can I watch Andor Season 1 Episodes USA?

Andor Season One can be viewed online if you live in the USA. All episodes are also available on Disney+.  Andor can be viewed on Hulu or MTV for those who live in the USA. 

 You can watch Andor Season 1 episodes in India.

Hotstar allows you to watch Andor Season One if you’re in India. All episodes are also available on the official Andor YouTube Channel.  

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The Andor series offers a unique way to see the Star Wars galaxy through a different perspective. You can find all episodes online! You won’t be disappointed!

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