How To Level Up Lumenstone Adjuvant? How To Recharge Lumenstone Adjuvant In Genshin Impact 2.6?

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How to Level Up Your Lumenstone Adjuvant

Lumenstone Adjuvant is a Gadget used in Genshin Impact 2.6; this gadget is specially used in The Chasm’s Underground Mines. Lumenstone Adjuvant allows you to illuminate your surroundings in dark areas by equipping it. Underground is the only one that has this feature. We will be describing how to upgrade your Lumenstone Adjuvant in Genshin Impact, 2.6. 

How to Level Up Lumenstone Adjuvant Genshin Influence?

Any gamer can benefit from leveling up his Lumenstone Adjuvant’s Genshin Impact, as it allows him to get various rewards. This feature is particularly useful for defeating the powerful waves of your opponents. You can also beat the Ruin Serpent Boss. In order to collect Lumenspar and give them to Jiwu (who was an NPC from the earlier version), Players don’t have to worry about traveling to Jiwu as they can now teleport directly to Jiwu from their Map.

Also, increasing the energy storage capacity of your Lumenstone can be done to increase its longevity. This is a crucial factor in exploring the Underground mines of the Genshin Impact. It is easier to expel Oozing Concretions, if you fight Ruin Serpent. So to refine and level up, you are required to talk to Jiwu in “The Chasm,” who is an NPC character.

How do I recharge the Lumenstone Adjuvant

There are several ways to recharge the Lumensone Adjuvant using Genshin Impact. If you are using Lumentsone Adjuvant, the gadget will drain its energy. Players can recharge their gadget by heading to Lumenlamps. They can either catch Lucklight flies and destroy rocks with the faint blue glow or they can collect Lumenspars. The Lumenstone is an essential component for exploring The Chasm In Genshin Impact. Players will use it frequently. So you can recharge lumenstone using the guide we’ve stated in this passage.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a free-roam action role-playing game (RPG). Your avatar has full control over the magical realm. The game allows you to change between four characters during a party. You can switch between characters while fighting to combine your attacks. The character’s weapon power plays a significant role in upgrading and leveling up our avatar. The character can also explore the open world and take on more challenges.

Genshin Impact Android Minimum Requirement

Specifications Details
Memory 3 GB or more
Storage 8 GB of storage
Supported system Android 7.0 and above
Compatibility requirements Arm v8a 64-bit device
  • How to Level Up Lumenstone Adjuvant

  • How to Level Up Lumenstone Adjuvant Genshin’s Impact

  • How to Upgrade Your Lumenstone Adjuvant. 

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