How To Get Weapons In High School Simulator 2018 In 2022, List Of The Weapons In High School Simulator

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Simulator for High School

High School Simulator is an app that Tomoya Tukigami developed. It is a game about a Japanese high-school student, male or female, or both. The goal is to eliminate all students with weapons, but not be caught by police. The player has the ability to kill both other people and police. Locations include the pool and grounds area, library, tennis fields, tennis courts, science room, music rooms, office, technology and cafeteria.

How to get weapons in high school simulator 2018 in 2022

High School Simulator 2018 has specific locations that allow us to obtain weapons. These are the locations.

  • Knife:- You can find the knife in the school cafeteria, next to the juice machine. Although it may seem delicate, it is one the most deadly weapons in the game.

  • Pistol:- Pistol can be found in a few locations like Inside the school building, On the first floor, and On the Principal’s desk in their Office. It can be difficult to get the pistol on the first floor of High School Simulator 2018. You will need to call and kill a cop in order to steal their gun. It can also be fun to kill them.

  • Shovel and Axe:- The You will find a shovel, and an axe inside the hut. These are great for those who prefer melee weaponry.

  • Cat Hat:- Cat Hat will appear on the school’s roof. It can be found inside the building, next to the generator. High School Simulator 2018 allows you to fly and cast magic spells using one of the many weapons available.

  • Katana:- The katana can be found in the bar directly across from the Police station. 

  • SpearThe Spear will be located in the Barber Shop. High School Simulator 2018: You can have a lot of fun with this deadly weapon. Children, be careful around sharp objects. Don’t want to cut yourself.

  • Baseball bat:- You will find the baseball bat Tilting against the wall outside the school gym You can even go to another gym to find one. To find it, you must climb the stairs.

  • Car and motorcycle:- You can search the school parking lot for the vehicles and then choose the vehicle that interests you.

List of Weapons in High School Simulator

  • Ax

  • Bat

  • Cat Hat

  • Katana

  • Knife

  • Pistol

  • Shovel

  • Sledgehammer

  • Spear

List Of Other Items in The Game Other Than Weapons

Highschool Simulator – How to Dispose of a Body 

The best way to lead in this game, however, is to hide dead bodies or dispose them. Any evidence will make it easier for others to attack you. The best way to dispose off a body is to drag it into the toilet, or place it next to a burning fire pit on the school entrance in High School Simulator 2018.

High School Simulator 2018 Gameplay


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