How to Get to Dream Vanarana in Genshin Impact

You’ve probably played Genshin Impact at least once. Unfortunately, most locations aren’t as easy to find as they seem. This guide will show you how to reach Dream Vanarana in Genshin Impact. There is no time like the present. Let’s get started!

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Dream Vanarana and Genshin Impact: How to Get There

Dream Vanarana is one the most recent locations that was added in the latest update. It might prove difficult to reach this location if you’re a beginner or don’t know what to do. If you’re an experienced player, it won’t be difficult. However, the guide can be used by all players.

You should first head to Vanarana. The Statue Of the Seven Dendro is located near this city. This statue is the largest in Genshin Impact. It is easy to spot from anywhere in the city.

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If you’re near this statue, it is important to travel in a southwest direction. This is where you’ll find your orienteer. A unique sparkling plant can be found near this lake. A particular NPC will be visible if you approach this plant.

Simply take the Vintage Lyre with you. start playing the song “fa – mi – so – fa – do.” It is easy to do it once you are done. Enter the Dream Vanarana. This is how it works.

It is not difficult to reach the Dream Vanarana if you are able to follow the instructions. It will be difficult if you’re a complete beginner. Thank you for reading this guide. I hope it helps!

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