How to Get Thunder Breathing in Project Slayers?

The Demon Slayer anime and manga series is the inspiration for Roblox’s Project Slayers action RPG. Demon Slayers have the ability to learn Thunder Breathing. Roblox fans and anime lovers will likely be familiar with Project Slayers. This game is based upon the Demon Slayer franchise. As such, there’s a world full of treasures and enemies waiting to spoil your day. So let’s see how to get thunder breathing in project slayers.

The Thunder Breathing technique focuses oxygen and nutrients into the user’s legs, causing them to travel at near instantaneous speeds and deliver devastating blows. Thunder breathing techniques cause the surface where the user stands to crack and break down. The air vibrates and crackles loudly during the attacks. This gives the illusion of thunder.

Project Slayers: How do you get thunder breathing?

Thunder Breathing, which is the only top-tier technique for breathing in Project Slayers, is also a top-tier one. It is extremely deadly when combined with the Kamado and Agatsuma clans. Thunder Breathing can only be acquired if you have reached level 12. After that you must complete a series a training missions given by Jigoro Kwajima.

What are the prerequisites to obtaining the Thunder Breathing Style from Project Slayers

  • Your character level should be at least 12.
  • For a session with a trainer, you will need to have 5,000 Wen.

You can travel to Zapiwara Mountain to speak with Jigoro Kwajima about Thunder Breathing training after you have fulfilled the following conditions. To reach the village, you can unlock Zapiwara Mountain using map points and interact with Horse Guy. The safe zone that starts from Kiribating Village is also located northwest of Jigoro Kuwajima.

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Complete The Objectives to Get Thunder Breathing in Project Slayers

Upon arrival at Mount Zapiwara, pay Jigoro Kuwajima 5,000 wen to unlock a training session. To master Thunder Breathing, he will give you 5 goals. The Butterfly Mansion is where you will practice your aim. The training session starts when you touch the stool. You can use your cursor to point and click on any targets that appear on walls. This must be done quickly to avoid the target disappearing.

Jigoro Kuwajima

Once you have completed the training, the Jigolo on Mount Zapiwara will help you to reach the next objective. Next, you will need to meditate in order to train your lungs. The training room is located in the Butterfly Mansion. You will find a place to meditate right in front of you. Press the blue circle after the yellow line passes through the blue square. Return to your trainer after a successful meditation. You can begin your training session by visiting the Butterfly Mansion training area. He’ll assign you another training duty, this one requiring you to complete pushups.

You must complete the training by pressing the buttons as fast as you can until the meter turns blue. Please be patient as soon as you can. Return to the gigolo, either with the horse guy, or follow the marker. You will need to navigate to the marker, and avoid the lightning bolts as they fall from the sky. After you have dodged the thunderbolts and the meter at a low point on the display, it is time to face in one the yellow circles. You can then look forward for the crimson spot to appear at the ground. You should avoid the area on the opposite side of it so that you don’t get hit.

How to defeat Zanegutsu Kuuchie boss To get Thunder Breathing at Project Slayers

Jigoro’s final task is to defeat one of his students, Zanegutsu Kuuchie. Once you’ve completed the objective, you can find him in the same location as Jigoro. Zanegutsu uses Thunder Breathing to be extremely fast, making it hard to defeat. To avoid him responding, keep a distance and use air combos.

How to Get Thunder Breathing in Project Slayers

Zanegutsu Kuuchie

If you have difficulty defeating Zanegutsu still, invite your friends to take him along. This will make Zanegutsu much easier to defeat, as it is far more manageable than if you are alone.

When you defeat Zanegutsu, Thunder Breathing will be unlocked. It can be used when you choose your sword. Thunder Clap, at first, is the only Thunder Breathing movement you can use.  Thunder Breath attacks can be used to kill enemies. Thunder Breath attacks can be made more powerful by increasing your Thunder Mastery.

What is Project Slayer’s Breathing?

Project Slayers breathing allows you to use four different types of breathing after you have reached level 12. Learning each method requires teachers who are familiar with it. There are five steps in each method, so you should try them all.

Project Slayers Water Breathing – You will need to find a Waroru Cave trainer to learn how water breathing works. Before you go inside, ensure you have at least 5k Wen.

Project Slayers Thunder Breathing -Thunderbreathing trainers can be found on Zapiwara Mountain. They must be purchased for at most 5,000 wens.

Project Slayers Insect breathing – For the Butterfly Mansion, you will need at least 5,000 wen to learn more about insect breathing.

Project Slayers Wind breathing- To learn about wind breathing, go to the ‘Wind Trainer’ marker on the map. Make sure to have at least 5k wen.

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