How To Get Fischl Genshin Impact? How To Get Fischl Genshin Impact After Event?

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How To Get Fischl Genshin Impact?

Participating in the “Resonating vision” event will grant you Princess Fischl of Genshin Impact’s stunning Ein Immernachtstraum free of charge. To obtain Fischl’s skin, you will need to gather 16 Phantasmal Conches as part of the summer event. There are 20, however, not all of them must be collected to obtain this skin. You can get Fischl for free by completing the “Summertime Odyssey”. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Fischl Genshin Impact. 

Genshin Impact

miHoYo developed and published Genshin Impact. It is an action role-playing video game. It was made available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 iOS and Android in 2020. PlayStation 5 was added to the game in 2021. The game features an open world, anime-inspired graphics, and an action-based battle system that utilizes elemental magic as well as character switching. It is free to download and supports the sale of new weapons and avatars through a system called gacha.

Fischl Genshin Impact

Fischl von Luftschloss Narfidort  In Genshin Impact, is a playable Electro character. She is closely followed by Oz the night raven and acts as an investigator for the Mondstadt Adventrs’ Guild. She claims to be from Teyvat and is an adventurous explorer who has ideas that seem absurd at first but prove to be true later. She can shoot five shots consecutively with a bow. She may be able to execute an Aimed Shot more accurately if she has more DMG.

How To Get Fischl Genshin Impact 2022?

Keep in mind that the event will end once patch 2.8 expires. This should be around August. After the event, you must pay 1,680 Genesis Crystals for Fischl’s Skin. It would be amazing if this was available now. Fischl has been part of Genshin Impact from the beginning. However, if you are a new player or still need her Stella Fortuna you can take part in the Summertime Odyssey event, version 2.8, to get Fischl for free. Fischl is a 4-Star Electro character and an A-tier character. It is recommended that you grab her or her Stella Fortuna free of charge if you have an Electro sub DPS. We’ll show you how to grab Fischl in Genshin Impact for free. It’s not as simple as checking in and acquiring Fischl.

How To Get Fischl Genshin Impact After Event?

To receive Fischl free in Genshin Impact during the 2.2.8 updates, you must complete the Phantom Realm tasks. This event also includes Surfpiercer, but you don’t need to play it in order to receive Fischl free of charge. It does not grant Iridescent Floatsam. For the Event Shop to receive a free Fischl, you must trade in the Iridescent Floatsam earned from completing Phantom Realm Challenges. You can also trade in Iridescent Floatsam for Crown of Insight and Ascension materials. However, Fischl will be the main draw for most players. You must have 2,400 Iridescent Floatsam to be eligible for a free Fischl. After completing the required amount, visit the event page and click the Imperial Invitation button. You will then be added Fischl to your roster.

Here is a brief overview.

  • Take part in the Summertime Odyssey.

  • Complete at least the first two chapters.

  • Earn 2,400 Iridescent Flotsam, and then collect it.

  • Go to the event webpage. 

  • To begin, tap the Imperial Invitation tab.

  • Send an invitation to receive a complimentary Fischl in exchange of your Iridescent Flotsam.

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