How To Do The Memory Trend On TikTok

HowTo Do The Memory TrendOn TikTok, TikTok Memory Trend: The MemoryTrend is the hottest viral trend. TikTokThis trend is taking over the world. This trend is the TikTok users add an echo effect to their videos with a quotation saying “It’s how a memory sounds”. As we have seen in the past that once it’s a trend on TikTokEveryone wants to be part of it and create similar videos. It is difficult to know how to do this. Today we are here for all TikTokers searching for help. HowTo make memory trend videos TikTok.

How To Do The Memory Trend On TikTok

1. Open Tik Tok AppOn your Device.

2. Click here Upload button.

3. Now Upload your video.

4. Click the next button.

5. Tap on the Icon for voice effectsIt is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

6. Now select “Echo” as a voice effect.

7. Click the back button once, then hit the SoundsThe icon is located in the lower-left corner.

8. Now, go to the Tabs to recommendAdd HowA Memory Sounds sound by Alex&Rus.

9. After the sound has been added to your device, tap on Volume.Increase the original sound to 200 Reduce the sound by 50.

10. Hit the DoneClick to close

11. TheMemory Trend Video is now available To upload the file, click on the “Post” button Memory TrendVideo on TikTok.

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