How To Clear The Water Veins Genshin Impact, How To Find The Water Veins?

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Genshin Impact

Genshin impact was published and developed by miHoYo. It is a role-playing game that was released for iOS, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows in 2020. It was also released for Android in 2021. This game is action-based and has an anime-style open world. It features element magic and character-switching. This game is revenue-generated by gacha games. Regular patches are used to develop the base game using games as a service model.

How to Clear the Water Veins Genshin Impact

These steps will help you to clear the water veins from Genshin Impact.

  • Remove all obstacles in your path

  • Follow the path to the water source

  • To continue the flow, destroy the rock

  • Complete the melodic Harp puzzle

  • Break the Second rock to continue the flow

  • Go to the Top of the Mountain

  • Solve the Melodic Harp puzzle to clear the Roots

Part 1: How to Clear the Water Veins Genshin Impingement

  • Follow the Path to the West Mountain

  • Two Notes to the Wall: Shoot Both

  • Adjust the Bloom’s orientation

  • Ascend the Mountain

  • Destroy the Rock at the Summit

Part 2: How to Clear the Water Veins Genshin Impingement

  • Follow the Path to the East Island

  • Complete the Melodic Harp Puzzle

  • Go up the Mountain

  • Find the Rock Blocking the Path

How to Clear the Water Veins Genshin Effect Part 3

  • Swim or sail to the West Shores

  • Break the Rock in front of a Pinwheel

  • Use Anemo to create a wind current

  • Destroy the Second Rock on the Top of the Mountain

  • Head to the East Mountain

  • Step on all Musical Note platforms

  • Sound the Harp

  • Adjust the Big Melodic Bloom

  • The Final Rock Must Be Destroyed

How to Find Water Veins In Genshin Impact

when you finally head into the Xinyan’s domain and get conveyed back to the Golden Apple Archipelago, you’ll be tasked with finding one water vein to refill the springs around the islands.

These steps will help you locate the water veins.

The dying blazing heart will ask you to obtain glacial spring water as you begin the journey within the domain. It would be helpful if you could clear the water vein in this broken aisle. Xinyan is willing to accept the glacial waters, and the blazing eyes will explain. First, you need to get out from Xinyan’s territory in order to remove the water vein from broken aisle. Follow the water trail to reach your destination. The water trail will lead the players to the correct destination. You will then solve a minor puzzle. This will allow you to remove the cave’s barrier and continue your journey. There is another obstacle in the cave that will stop you from reaching your destination. You will find a note Albedo left at the cave’s end describing how beautiful the sound and scenery are.

Once inside the cave, beat the next vein and follow the stream to the last blockage. Use the guitar to smash the last water vein and fill the pool. You’ll be sent back to the drum, and into Xinyan’s realm simultaneously. After you have completed the story-filled domain you will be transferred back to Golden Apple Archipelago where you will find two additional water veins marked with a yellow circle. To open the western vein, you will need to use the allegro blossoms. It starts in a cave. Once you are inside the cave, you can use the guitar to break the vein. Then, go deeper into the cave to find the second one.

The eastern veins run from the bottom to the top. Before you can break the vein at the bottom, you’ll need the blue tile puzzle to be completed near the guitar.

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