How To Become a Kpop Idol In Bitlife? Everything To Know

If you want to become a Kpop idol, that’s nothing absurd. Many of us are drawn to this genre of music and dream of being one. However, today it’s all about becoming the same in Bitlife. Bitlife, which is more of a life simulator game than a real life simulation, focuses on giving players the chance to live the life of strangers. He must begin the game, and eventually take over the role of the character. It has enjoyed a lot of popularity recently, with over 10 million downloads worldwide. 

Here’s how to become a Kpop idol on Bitlife. It’s interesting! 

Kpop Idol in Bitlife

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How To Become A Kpop Star In Bitlife 

Bitlife offers a variety of jobs, as we have already mentioned. Yes, it’s very possible to become a Kpop idol in the same. 

• The first and foremost thing that should be kept in mind, is that the player has to hail from South Korea to become a Kpop idol. The best thing for them is to relocate to South Korea. However, it’s not that easy! 

• Next, it is to practice more and upgrade the music skills of the character. You can take lessons in the Mind and Body section. It is located under the Activities section. The eligibility criteria are the player has to be more than 6 years old and till 18, it’s free. He must make it as efficient as possible to achieve a score of between 80% and 90%. 

• Now, you are good to go to start a musical career in Bitlife. There are some things you need to do in order to keep the momentum going. 

1. Select ‘Musician’ from the Special Careers Section under the Jobs menu. 

2. If you are a Kpop idol, your career should be solo and not in a band. This is your only chance to be a player. You can then go on to the next step if you are having trouble. 

3. Select ‘Singer of a band’ under the Career Type. 

4. Audition is necessary. It’s not easy. It is possible to make it happen with any of these record labels. You may not be eligible to audition. The ones who aren’t working elsewhere or aren’t students can avail of it. One will add you, helping to make you a Kpop idol in Bitlife. 

Are you ready to learn how to become a Bitlife Kpop idol? Good luck! 

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