How Strong Is Zeno Sama From Dragon Ball Super?

Dragon Ball Super is known for its fantastic story and powerful characters. From the beginning of the series, we saw Goku’s desire to become the strongest just to save his planet and his friends, but after the introduction of Dragon Ball Super, It seems that Goku and Vegeta are still far from being the most powerful mortals in the universe. Each Dragon Ball fan should be aware that each series had a different power level. In addition to the system, the series introduced characters who were exponentially more powerful and capable of destroying the entire universe in one shot. 

We’re not only talking about Zeno Sama (the Omni king), but also the other characters like Hakaishins Angels and Grand Priest. We will certainly talk about Zeno Sama in the later section of this article, but before that, It is very important to have an idea of these characters’ power levels. Only then can we draw a fair conclusion. We will use our theories to build the overall structure of this article, as some things remain mysterious.

Akira Toriyama sensei has created and illustrated Dragon Ball Super, an anime based on Japanese manga. The series features Goku, a Saiyan from another planet sent to the planet Earth by his father, Bardock, in order to survive Frieza’s dark motives. He was just a toddler when he arrived in Earth. He was then adopted by Son Gohan, an elderly man who later trained under Master Roshi. He made many close friends along the journey and began to fight evil in an effort to save his friends as well as the planet. Vegeta and Goku are still on the journey to becoming the strongest.

Dragon Ball Super Power Level System explained:

Dragon Ball Super introduced some of the strongest characters in the series, but also established a clearly defined power-level structure. The power level system’s bottom level is held by the supreme Kais (also known as the gods of creation). Their job is to create new life forms on the Earth. While they are not as powerful as the other beings, they share the bond of fate and God of Destructions, who is higher than them. God of Destructions’ task is to destroy planets to maintain the balance in the Universe. They are extremely powerful and can’t be beaten down by the mere mortals of any planet. 

Omni King

The Angels are above God of Destructions. They mostly serve as teachers and attendants to Hakaishins (God Of Destructions). They are calm and usually don’t interfere in any mortal activity. They don’t stop Hakaishins doing their job. They are even more powerful than the Hakaishins. The Grand Priest is above all Angels and the attendant of Zeno Sama, the Omni-king. Grand Priest, the father of all Angels, is Whis’s favorite being. According to Whis, Grand priest ranks among the top 5 strongest beings within the Universe. There’s no chance for an Angel to withstand against Grand Priest. Zeno Sama is the only and highest Grand Priest. They have the power to erase the entire Universe in one snap, and there’s no one in the Dragon Ball Franchise who can challenge him in the battle. 

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How Strong Zeno Sama Is?

As we have already discussed, Zeno Sama is in the highest position of the Dragon Ball Power System. He is known as the Omni King, the King of all. Zeno Sama can be very childish so Grand Priest serves as his attendant. While the true powers Zeno Sama have yet to be discovered, as we saw in Zamasu’s arc, Zeno Sama was able to erase the entire timeline of Future Trunks. This is a sign of how terrifying he can be. He also oversees the entire Tournament of Power arc, and wipes out all losing Universes. Beerus is afraid of Zeno Sama’s name.

Zeno Sama

Zeno Sama

The origin of Zeno Sama is still unknown, and the creators didn’t showcase him from a close view in the series. While he might not be the most popular Dragon Ball character, he may play an important part in the future.

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