How Much Money Do Influencers Make?

The internet era has seen internet celebrities (or our so-called Internet Influencers) become much more well-known than other celebrities. Social Media influence has become a new career field. This field is becoming more popular over time. This field is gaining in popularity and money is rising as a result. These Influencers can be used by brands to promote their products. Social media platforms are filled with Influencers who have thousands or even millions of followers. You may not have thought about how they make money. Although you may have an idea of their income sources, there are many other streams that they can make money.

To educate you guys about how influencers make money and how to make a career of Social Media, I have this blog. In this article I will discuss who influencers are, what their income sources are, and how much you can make from Social Media. You can find the complete article at the end.

Who are the influencers?

Social media influencers are people who have a strong reputation online thanks to their skills and knowledge. They share a consistent post/video/content on social media. While the content they share may vary depending on the platform, the concept is almost the same. They engage with viewers and other creators and sometimes collaborate with them to build trust in their audience. Now there are various types of influencers – Big, macro, and micro-influencers.

The tag will vary depending on how many followers an influencer has. Beyond the numbers, how influential they are in a given community will also determine their dynamic. The best way to increase your chances of attracting the maximum amount of money is to combine both numbers and impact. For instance: any renowned faces on Instagram like – Khaby Lame.

Khaby Lame

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How can influencers make their money?

Depending on which influencers you follow, there are many ways an influencer makes money. While some are very well known, others are less so. Here are all the ways that an influencer can make money. 

Brand deals

It is common for small and large businesses to advertise online. It is common to use an influencer to increase sales. Depending on the brand, they target influencers with more followers and loyal audiences who are likely to purchase the products. The higher your reach, the more revenue you can bring to the company. 

Affiliate marketing

This is one of the oldest ways influencers make money. How does this work? Add affiliate links to your content. You get a small portion of the commission if a viewer uses that affiliate link to purchase that product. The company and the number who buy the product will determine the amount. 


Ads might have been running in the middle of a YouTube video, or in several display ads in a website (like ours). These ads are paid for by companies. YouTube offers a limited amount of advertising between videos. A blog owner can earn a portion for every viewer that clicks on an Ad.



Sponsored posts

This is best illustrated by sponsored posts on Instagram. Look at any celebrity account and you’ll see them talking about a product, asking you to try it. These are known as sponsored posts. Sponsored posts are when you upload a blog post that is about the company and asks followers to buy their products. 

Courses. Courses.

An influencer can also make money by selling their own products and subscriptions. They offer special videos, behind-the-scene footage, and other content that is not available to the general public. Most influencers sell t-shirts or merchandise as a product. 

How much do influencers make?

You can make money on different platforms. To be truthful, there is no set amount. If you play the games correctly, you can easily get more than an office worker. The top three platforms that make the most money are Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. YouTube can make $100k a year with 24 million views. To earn the same amount, Instagram has 308 sponsored photos and TikTok has 270million users. Although it may seem possible (and maybe not for you), it is difficult. This amount of money is only possible for the top 2-5 percent. 

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