How Many Times Does Goku Die In Dragon Ball Franchise?

Dragon Ball is one of the most popular anime on this planet, and even the people who don’t watch anime know who Goku is and what he does. Akira Toriyama’s characters are very much popular in the whole world, and people love to cherish these characters with all of their hearts. Even though the series has been around for a while, new fans are being added every day. As the days pass, the popularity of the series continues to grow. After the worldwide success of Dragon Ball Super, Super Hero, you can get an idea.

Although Goku is the strongest character in the series, it’s not true that he has never been defeated. In fact, he died a lot of times and made fans emotional however a character can easily be resurrected in the franchise if he isn’t dead by any natural cause. We will be looking at the total number of Goku dying in series defeats and the instances he died. This article is worth reading until the end.

Akira Toriyama illustrated and wrote Dragon Ball, a Japanese manga series. Goku and his friends fight external threats to save Earth, the Universe. Goku is a Saiyan from faraway planet. Son Gohan adopted him and taught him under Master Roshi. Goku realized the importance of pushing his limits and training harder in order to protect his Universe and Earth from outside threats. That’s why Goku believes in ultimate strength and leaves no chance to train. Saiyans are said to have no limits on their power, which Goku has proven many times throughout the series.

How Many Times Did Goku Die in Dragon Ball Franchise?

Goku has faced many threats in his life, and sometimes, things don’t go as planned. Many times, he was defeated, and sometimes even died in battle. We will be examining each occasion when Goku died in battle.

Goku vs Raditz:

Fans who have been watching the series for a long time will agree that Raditz was a threat back in the days of Piccolo. Goku faced Raditz in a difficult battle and eventually lost to him. Piccolo was able to help him. Piccolo used his special beam gun to penetrate his heart but it also killed Goku. Goku was able to be resurrected later in the series thanks to the Dragon Balls.

Goku vs. Cell:

Cell was one of Dragon Ball Z’s most beloved and heartless villains. Cell was not only the villain who snatched Goku but also Vegeta, Vegeta, and other Z fighters. He caused chaos and destruction on Earth. Even androids were frightened by him. We witnessed his hatred for Gohan because he was there. Before that, in order to avoid the self-destructing blast of Cell and to save Earth from this blast, he used Instant Teleportation to transport this attack to King Kai’s planet and save Earth earth from massive destruction. In the end, this cost him his life.

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Hit vs Goku:

Goku in Dragon Ball Super wanted to see the true power of Hit so he suggested his own name to him for killing. Although Hit did not kill him, Goku knew this. Goku, who was close to death, threw an Energy beam into the sky that revived him and saved his life from certain death.

Zamasu vs Goku:

We are certain that Zamasu destroyed every thing in his timeline. He actually defeated the God of Destructions of Zamasu’s timeline and became a superior fighter. We can also say that Zamasu killed the Goku from his timeline.

Other than these, Goku also died from heart virus disease in the alternate dimension of Future Trunks, but this won’t be fair to count it in the main universe of Goku.

Dragon Ball Online:

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