How Long Does The Hourglass Last On Snapchat 2022? Check Out The Methods To Avoid Hourglass Icon

How long does Snapchat Hourglass last?

Snapchat’s hourglass indicator means your streak is ending with a friend. You have a short time to restart the streak or end the hourglass icon.

Snapstreak members will be notified when their streak is about end by the icon of the hourglass. It is a signal to act quickly. This symbol will remind people to send snaps to each other to keep the SnapStreak alive.

The length of a streak is determined only by the total number and sends of pictures taken by a user. Snapchat does not count stickers or text messages that are used to count SnapScore. Continue reading to learn how long the hourglass lasts on Snapchat 2022.

Snapchat 2022: How long does the hourglass last?

This question is not clear. You must keep the streak going by using Snapchat until you and your friends decide to end the run. Snapchat users claim that the hourglass can last for between 2 and 3 hours before your streak is broken. Others believe it lasts for between 4 and 7 hours. 

Some believe the elusive period was caused by not all streaks receiving the same amount of notice. 

The hourglass indicator can display up to 7 warnings after months of use. If your streak is less than a week old, the icon may only display for 2 hours.

Methods To Avoid Hourglass Icon

There are some ways to avoid the hourglass icon. Here are these methods.

Maintain a Routine

You can keep the Snapstreak going and avoid the hourglass by simply following a routine. You must set a time that you can send snaps your friends. You can avoid Snapchat’s hourglass by setting a time.

Tell the other user

If your friend is not responding to your snaps, call them. You can avoid the hourglass icon by doing this. You can be certain that your streak is maintained if you tell your friend early.

Send a Blank Snap

You can send blank images to maintain a streak. You can create a blank or blurred image and send it to your friend. You can keep a streak by doing this.

How Long Does Snapchat’s Hourglass Last?

The answer is still unknown. Some say the hourglass will last from 2 to 3 hours before your streak breaks, while others say it can last between 4 and 7 hours.  Snapstreaks simply measure your activity with Snapchat users. Snapstreaks are when you send Snaps to at least one person for three consecutive days. A Snap Streak is active if you look for the fire emoji next the person’s Name on the Chat screen.

The number of active Snapstreak days will be indicated by the digit next the fire emoji. Snapchat requires you to send and get images and video Snaps to at least one friend per 24 hours to keep a Snapstreak active. The Snapstreak will be lost if you fail to do this.

Snapchat clearly stated that Snap streaks only allow you to do 2 activities. They are.

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