How Did Yahiko Die? The Real Reason Behind His Demise

Every villain had a backstory. That gave them a corner in our hearts. The most tragic case was Konan Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan. They lost their home and family first, then they had to give up on being happy together. It was heartbreaking to discover their tragic story and how their trauma led to the creation the Pain arc in Naruto. Today we will discuss How did Yahiko Death? The real reason for Yahiko’s death. We’ll also tell you some other important facts related to him and the other two.

Yahiko, an Amegakure-based Shinobi, was his name. In an effort to promote peace, he founded and led the Akatsuki with his wartime orphans Nagato (and Konan). After Yahiko passed away, Nagato transformed his corpse into the Deva Path among his Six Paths of Pain, which he employed to maintain Akatsuki’s leadership in the public eye.

Yahiko, an orphan from the 2nd Great Shinobi World War was forced to steal food in order to survive. Yahiko and Konan, another war-orphan, eventually teamed up. Soon after finding a place to call home, Yahiko expressed his dissatisfaction with Konan and Nagato, another war orphan in the group. Nagato and his dog Chibi were finally welcomed into Yahiko’s circle, nevertheless. Yahiko was furious at how unfair the outside world was to them and vowed to become a god in order to stop the violence. 

Yahiko and his companions finally arrived at Jiraiya. He cared for them and taught them about ninjutsu. Nagato saved Yahiko from an attack by an Iwagakure Chunin. Yahiko pledged to become strong enough to defend Konan and Nagato as well as the entire Amegakure.

Yahiko as Pain

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How Did Yahiko Die?

Danzo and Hanzo, both Amegakure, conspired to get him killed. When Nagato starts picking up the Kuni knife to kill Yahiko, Yahiko clutches his hand and thrusts it at him because he knows that if Nagato doesn’t, Danzo will kill Konan, who was taken by Danzo. To save his friends, he sacrificed his life for the girl he loved. God, I love them.

After Yahiko passed away and Nagato became immobile as a result, Nagato used his chakra receivers and Rinnegan to combine Yahiko’s body into his Six Paths of Pain methodology. Nagato, Konan and Ishii still considered Yahiko the head of Akatsuki. Therefore they used Yahiko’s body as a representation. As the Deva Path, Yahiko’s body served as Pain’s primary body, the one he used and spoke through most frequently.

Yahiko’s body is employed for many of the various techniques Nagato uses during Akatsuki meetings, in addition to the gravity control that is essential to the Deva Path’s skills. Because some of the bodies that had been used to protect its life were willingly given up, the Deva Path received greater respect.


Yahiko as Pain

The Deva Path is used for a variety of different things over the years: shortly after Yahiko’s death, it, along with the other Six Paths of Pain, was employed to stage a coup and kill Hanzo when Jiraiya sneaks into Amegakure to learn further about Akatsuki, the Deva Path battles him and getting closer and closer to his death; in the original series, the Deva Path aids in the acquisition of the Six-Tails; all through Pain’s Assault, it has been applied to destroy Konohagakure. Naruto defeats all six of the Sixth Paths of Pain in Konoha’s invasion of The Hidden Village of Leaves.

After killing Nagato and defeating Deva Path, Konan brought their bodies back to Amegakure. He built a shrine and placed them on a pile of paper flowers. Tobi later desecrated it after taking Nagato’s body. There is just one body there at the moment, and it is Yahiko’s. It is very sad that even in the end, they couldn’t be reunited. 

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