How Did They Build That? Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date: On To The Next Locations

“How Did They Build That?” is a TV series that documentation of different kinds of architecture that have never been seen before. The series’ goal is to delve deeper into the history of structures and the physics of how they are made. It features many architectural marvels. It also features architects who provide a detailed explanation about the inspiration behind these structures. It is amazing to see the amount of planning that went into making these designs stand out. 

The series premiered with its first season on 3 January 2021, and was renewed for the second season. “How Did They Build That?” Season 2 premiered on 10th July 2022. Two more episodes are currently in production. Season 1 was hosted, narrated and directed by Robin Leach by Scott Rummel. Both seasons aired on Smithsonian and were also available on Hulu. The ongoing show’s second season is hosted by the “Top Gun: Maverick” actor Jay Ellis. The show’s second season features engineers and skilled architects to explain how structures are built, whether they be skyscrapers or bridges, towers, or buildings. 

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What happened in Season 2?

The creators shared a glimpse of the documentary series prior to its official release on 10 July. They will cover architecture from all around the world, but their main focus will be the United States. This season will focus on bridges, towers, islands and art museums. This season’s episode schedule shows that not all topics have been covered. 

Episode 1 of the second season was called “Rivers & Artworks” where they explored New York City, Denver, and France to examine the beautiful rocky mountains and art museums. 

Episode 2 titled “Swamps & Swagger” delved into the architecture of a university built on a swamp. This episode featured a second museum in Spain as well as a New York cultural center. 

How did they build that?

In episode 3, Retrofits & Airport Glitz, the “Insecure” star takes us to Manhattan, Singapore, and Florida to visit more museums, the Hearst Tower, and the tallest indoor waterfall in the world.

Episode 4 is “Elevated & Elegant” which shows buildings faced by obstacles, but without being limited it created the masterpieces. The show features examples from Belgium, Louisiana, Toronto and Louisiana.

Episode 5 or “Skywalks & Suspensions” features structures that defy gravity. The designs are mind-blowing, from floating bridges to merged gallery.

Episode 6 goes “Upside Down & Under Seas”. Seattle Central Library and Vancouver House are two examples of marvels created in the most difficult locations. The underwater restaurant is a fairy tale mermaid home.

Episode 7 is the final episode before the next episode airs on 28 August 2022. “Steep & Stunning” makes its way from the Swiss Alps, to Miami, to Germany, to Dresden. Jay Ellis examines the railways built up on steep slopes, and a museum that holds a treasure trove of Military history. 

How did they build that? Episode 8 Release Date

Season 1

What was the secret to their success? Scene

The 21st of August 2022 saw the release of the 7th and last episode. Each week, the 44-minute episodes will be released on Sundays. Season 2 Episode 8 will be available on 28th August 2022.

The original Smithsonian channel broadcasts the series. It is also available on Vudu and Apple TV. You can purchase individual episodes on Vudu for $1.99 or the entire season at $12.99. Amazon Prime is $14.99 per month and $139 for one year. You also get access to season 2 at $16.99 Apple TV subscriptions cost $4.99 per Month and are also free for a year when installed on an iPhone, iPad or Macbook.  

Episode 8 will bring us “Breakthroughs & Bridges”. Host Jay Ellis will expose the audience to the museum Musée des Confluences of Lyon, London’s Gherkin, and the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge of Seattle. Fans can’t wait for what mesmerizing surprise the show is about to bring and so can’t we.

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