How did Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers Meet? Complete Relationship Timeline

aaron rodgers and shailene woodley

The internet was abuzz with people wanting to know more about the revelation that Aaron Rodgers had been seeing Shailene woodley.

This couple is yet another coronavirus love story. Shailene explained that they met in the middle the pandemic. They decided to keep it quiet for now.

But, they have broken up. 

What’s the story? Here, you can find everything you need to know about Shailene’s and Aaron’s (ex) relationship so stay tuned.

What is the story of Shailene and Aaron’s meeting?

They were able to meet in the middle pandemic, sometime around mid-2020. 

They shared information about their relationship just days before they declared that they were engaged in Feb 2021.

Shailene, Aaron and their healthy lifestyles are mutually admirable. They also had some positive words to say about their way of life just before they got engaged. 

The couple encouraged everyone reading, to train their minds, to exercise and to try to live a happy life full of positivity. 

Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Rodgers: Complete Relationship Timeline

Here’s the timeline of their relationship. 

September 2020

Aaron spoke out about his recent developments in life, though details are still being worked out. “I can proudly say that I have finally found the love of my life and on top of that, I made some crucial decisions about my life which ultimately led me to a happier place in my mind,” Aaron stated on The Pat McAfee Show.

February 2021

The information had finally surfaced that these two are together, “Wonderful news to hear that they are together. At the moment, their relationship is long-distance as they both have work in different places, but they are dealing just fine with it,” a close friend told Today magazine.

A few days later, the happy news was shared by Aaron at the NFL Honors Awards.

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Shailene also opened up about their engagement, jokingly saying, “I never imagined I would engage with someone who plays with rugby balls for a living.”

April 2021

Miles Teller, his wife and other friends were among the many people that saw this lovely couple at the Kentucky Derby.

July 2021

Shailene shared a few words about their engagement and their wedding plans. Or, better yet, the lack thereof.

“We are not in a rush. We are taking in the moment. We haven’t started with the wedding planning yet,” Shailene stated.

February 2022

Everything was fine up until February 2022 when it became clear that the couple were no longer together.

“They are both very busy, Shailene with her work and Aaron is overly focused on football. The quarantine meant that things were not the same. Now when their normal work schedule is back on, they practically have no time to be together,” an insider told Today.

May 2022

It’s final – the couple is not going back together. Even though the couple tried to reconcile a few times after their separation, a source close to them confirmed that.

“It looks like Aaron is moving on with his life while Shailene is having some trouble. Ultimately it seemed that their relationship didn’t go in the direction Shailene thought it would,” a source told Today.

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