How Did Poong Woon-ho Die in Netflix’s 20th Century Girl?

’twentieth Century Woman’ is a romantic drama movie directed and written by way of Bang Woo-ri. The South Korean film follows Na Bo-ra, a teen who guarantees to assemble details about her highest buddy’s weigh down. Then again, Bo-ra quickly unearths herself swept right into a love tale of her personal, resulting in an interesting and feel-good experience that may make audience nostalgic in regards to the yesteryears. Then again, the film ends on a bittersweet notice with the demise of Bo-ra’s love hobby Woon-ho. Subsequently, audience will have to be desirous about Woon-ho’s reason for demise. If that’s the case, this is the whole lot you want to learn about  Poong Woon-ho Die in Netflix’s ’twentieth Century Woman.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Occurs to Poong Woon-ho?

In ’twentieth Century Woman,’ Poong Woon-ho is a brand new pupil who joins the Bo-ra’s faculty at first of the brand new educational yr. His oldsters are divorced, and he lives together with his father in Korea. In the meantime, Woon-ho’s mom and more youthful brother are living in New Zealand. Woon-ho is quiet and depressed after his dad or mum’s divorce however begins smiling after growing a weigh down on Bo-ra. Sooner or later, the duo starts courting, however Bo-ra ends their romance to offer protection to Yeon-du’s emotions.

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Later, Woon-ho is shifting to New Zealand to are living together with his mom, and Yeon-du is helping Bo-ra reunite together with her love. On the station, Woon-ho professes his emotions for Bo-ra and guarantees to stay in contact. He continues his courting with Bo-ra via emails, and the 2 organize to wait the similar faculty in Seoul. Then again, after celebrating New 12 months’s eve of 2000, Woon-ho disappearances, and Bo-ra loses all touch with him. After all, Woon-ho’s more youthful brother, Joseph, unearths that Woon-ho has gave up the ghost.

How Did Poong Woon-ho Die?

After Woon-ho stops replying to her messages and calls, Bo-ra is devastated and heartbroken. The surprising disappearance of Woon-ho from her lifestyles leaves {the teenager} depressed. Then again, she by no means learns why Woon-ho stops speaking together with her till the tip. Bo-ra receives a VHS tape and a letter from an artist named Joseph, who invitations her to an artwork exhibition. On the artwork gallery, Joseph unearths he’s Woon-ho’s more youthful brother and that Woon-ho died just about fifteen years in the past.

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Later, Bo-ra returns to her early life house and watches the VHS tape. The tape accommodates recollections from Bo-ra’s faculty days and her time with Woon-ho and her pals. After all, the video contains Woon-ho’s ultimate message to Bo-ra, and he professes his love for her. Within the video, Woon-ho unearths that he’s going to quickly be coming to Korea to fulfill Bo-ra. Then again, in a while earlier than he may meet Bo-ra, Woon-ho tragically gave up the ghost. The movie does now not state the reason for Woon-ho’s demise, however Joseph mentions his lamentation at Wonn-ho touring to Korea to fulfill Bo-ra. Subsequently, it’s implied that Woon-ho died whilst touring to Korea, possibly in an twist of fate.

In the long run, the revelation of Woon-ho’s destiny leaves his romance with Bo-ra on a sad notice. Woon-ho’s demise profoundly affects Bo-ra, who considers him her “perpetually” particular person. In consequence, Woon-ho turns into everlasting in Bo-ra’s recollections, and he or she cherishes him in her middle. Thus, regardless of Woon-ho’s demise giving the movie a bittersweet finishing, it provides a singular taste of affection to the tale.

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