How Did Bill Tilghman Die? His Achievements and Legacy

Bill Tilghman was a Kansas cowboy who was born in Fort Dodge on November 8, 1854. He was a cowboy turned-lawman, most famous for his involvement at the O.K. shootout. Corral. Tilghman was shot and killed by an unknown assailant on January 10, 1924 in Lamb County, Texas. This article will discuss the life and death Bill Tilghman as well as how he became one his most iconic lawmen.

Bill Tilghman was a courageous and brave lawman who spent his entire life trying to bring criminals to justice. He was a loving father and husband. He will be remembered as one the most iconic figures in American West history. Although the circumstances of his death remain a mystery, we will today explore his life and achievements to try and understand how Bill Tilghman died.

Bill Tilghman’s Early Life & Career

Tilghman was a Fort Dodge, Kansas native, born in 1854. He was the middle child among five children. Henry Tilghman was his father and Martha Wilkinson Tilghman was his mother. Tilghman, as a young man, was keen to learn about guns and horseback riding. He was also a strong believer in fair play and justice. Tilghman immigrated to Kansas in 1876. Tilghman found work as a ranch cowboy at the Long X Ranch. He met Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson during this time. In the years to follow, the three men would become friends and allies. Tilghman was a deputy marshal for Dodge City in 1878. He quickly proved himself to a competent lawman. He was a key player in the O.K. shootout in 1881. Corral. The Cowboys, an outlaw gang, was defeated by the gunfight.

Bill Tilghman in his 30’s

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U.S. Marshall

After the O.K. Tilghman was sworn in as a U.S. Marshal after the Corral shootout. Tilghman was appointed as a U.S. Marshal for the Oklahoma Territory. This position was his 12th. During his time as a marshal, he captured some of the most notorious outlaws of his day, including Bill Doolin and “Little Dick” West. Tilghman retired as a law enforcer in 1893. He moved to Guthrie in Oklahoma and opened a Hotel. He also became involved in the city’s politics. He was elected Guthrie mayor in 1901.

How did Bill Tilghman pass away?

Tilghman, who was 70 years old, arrived in Cromwell in Oklahoma in 1924 to serve as a special investigation in 1924. After learning that Lynn was drunk and firing his gun, Tilghman confronted Wiley Lynn on October 31. Tilghman tried to apprehend Lynn but could not draw his gun. However, Lynn was able to disarm himself with the help of a witness. Tilghman was killed the next day when Lynn shot him several more times with a second firearm. Lynn was not found guilty of murder after claiming self defense in a contentious trial.

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