How Can Google AdX Partners Boost App Revenue?

The mobile app market is expanding rapidly, with over 3.2 billion smartphone users worldwide. If you glance around the world, you will notice that everyone’s gaze is fixed on their mobile screens, whether they are at work, at home, on the road, or even when eating. It’s hardly surprising that people spend around 88% of their mobile time on applications.

As mobile app usage grows, so does the number of apps downloaded. More than 230 billion mobile app downloads occurred last year. That’s a tremendous increase since 2016. 

This worldwide increase in app revenue and installations creates new chances for app developers and publishers to build new applications. However, the ultimate purpose of developing an app is to monetize it.

In this post, we will go through why Google ADX is a great platform to monetize apps and how Google AdX partners help app publishers boost their app’s revenue. 

Boost your app revenue with Google AdX

After designing an app, the next crucial step is to make money using the correct app monetization strategy. 

Paid applications, in-app purchases, in-app advertising, and other such strategies are available for app monetization. 

Nonetheless, if you have decided to maximize your app revenue through in-app advertising, one of the most popular app monetization platforms among app publishers is Google ADX.

Understanding the significance of the correct in-app advertising platform is critical to expand and boost the revenue of your mobile app. 

Google AdX, formerly known as DoubleClick Ad Exchange, is an ad exchange platform that allows publishers to sell their ad inventory to advertisers and agencies using real-time bidding technologies.

Because of a broad collection of advertisers and ad networks, ad spaces in Google AdX are used more efficiently across all inventory kinds (websites, mobile applications, videos, or games).

What are the advantages of using Google AdX?

Google AdX can assist you in scaling your app monetization. There are several advantages to using Google AdX over other advertising systems.

  • Increase your ad revenue

With Google AdX, publishers can monetize a broader range of inventory types (website, mobile app, video, and games). They have real-time access to millions of advertisers and other third-party networks via Google’s demand with dynamic allocation. This raises competition for ad inventory, resulting in more income per ad unit sold.

Moreover, Google AdX offers ad mediation and fallback advertisements to help you increase your ad revenue.

  • Personalized Ad Targeting

Google AdX is well-known for giving you granular control over who sees your advertising and what kind of ad formats you want to display on your app. With Google AdX, you may target depending on the dimensions listed below:

  • Different device categories like phones, tables, and smartphones. 
  • Various device manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, and others. 
  • Language 
  • Operating system- iOS or Android 
  • Internet or mobile carrier. 
  • Geographic Location. 

These sophisticated targeting options provide you greater flexibility and aid in the optimization of your ad income.

  • Real-time Reporting 

Understanding your ad performance is essential for generating highly engaging advertisements that produce profitability. 

Google AdX report generates thorough information on user engagement, user behavior, ad performance, and other topics. It delivers information on ad requests, device category, and geo-location to assist you gain better understanding of your app’s user base. You can monitor click-through rates (CTR) and ad viewability to track user engagement. Also, these reports can be used to fine-tune your ad layouts and placements in order to increase your ad revenue.

To optimize your expenditure and increase ad revenue, you can access reports such as fill rates, eCPM, ad placement performance, or unfilled impressions. Google also gives information on ad request inconsistencies, which indicate if your ad inventory is being completely utilized.

This way one can make wise judgments in order to present the most effective advertisements to the most receptive people. 

How a Certified Google ADX Partner can help you boost your app’s Revenue? 

 A certified Google Adx Partner like AppBroda whose mission is to provide mobile app developers and publishers with services that will help them increase the profitability and growth of their apps. Their experts manage your AdX account, develop a monetization plan based on your app category and performance, and handle any policy violations for your game. 

Data-backed proven advice from working with plenty of applications is provided to help you select the best performing ad locations, the perfect demand partners, set up mediation, and open bidding. They even conduct A/B testing with numerous ad formats and establish the appropriate floor pricing to maximize your ad revenue.

Do you want to learn more about boosting app revenue? 

Simply contact AppBroda’s professionals to increase your users and boost your ad revenue in no time!

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