House Of The Dragon Episode 2 Recap: The King Picks A New Wife

Episode 2 of “House of the Dragon” takes place six months after Queen Aemma’s passing. Even though Viserys and his daughter Rhaenyra are still mourning their loss, they do not acknowledge one another’s suffering. The absence of Aemma may have caused the father and daughter’s relationship to suffer, as it is clear throughout the entire episode. Additionally, Rhaenyra has a sneaking suspicion that her father doesn’t think highly enough of her to be the rightful heir to the iron throne. In the first episode, we could see that she wanted to challenge patriarchy. She wanted everyone know how different her mother was from her. She wanted to actively take part in state affairs.

She didn’t regard herself as a mere prop and was confident that, even if her father didn’t see it at the time, he would eventually discover what she was capable of. In the middle of it all, Lord Corlys was upset about his loss of influence over the King. Because he felt insecure and weak, Corlys longed for the king’s support.

Daemon was harboring hatred because he was asked to leave King’s Landing. He was like an active volcano, always on the verge of erupting. Rhaenyra (Lord Coryls) and Daemon all had one thing in their common: they wanted what they believed was theirs. So let’s wait and see what Viserys’ course of action will be and see whether it can restore his power and return some stability to his realm.

House of the Dragon Episode 2 Recap

The second episode opens with King Viserys Tarrayen attending to important things at the small council. Ser Ryam Redwyne, the Kingsguard’s Lord Commander, had passed away, and the council members felt that the Kingsguard should be promptly brought back up to its full complement of seven. Ser Harold had invited some Kingsguard candidates to interview him and Otto Hightower. Lord Corlys Velaryon entered the room just at that moment. He claimed one of the ships was under his flag. He also reported that four ships had been lost. Lord Corlys was worried about the growing rebellion within the kingdom.

House Of The Dragon Episode 2 Recap – Lord Corlys

Otto promised him that the crown would compensate for his loss. But Corlys knew that this was not enough. Craghas Crabfeeder, also known as Craghas Crabfeeder, was his desire to join Craghas Dhar. Craghas is identified as the head of the Triarchy, an alliance made up of the free cities of Lys, Myr, and Tyrosh, according to the book “Fire and Blood.” The long-established peace and order were disturbed a decade ago when Craghas overran Stepstones and massacred hundreds of pirates, but neither the lords nor the king’s advisors saw Craghas or the Realm of Three Daughters as a direct danger to the throne.

They decided that it would be better for them to not have the crown intervene if someone took on the responsibility of eliminating pirates. Instead, they were being assisted by the crown who covered their travel costs so that they could travel freely. Lord Corlys believed a demonstration of power was needed to end the potential threat, before it spreads and destroys everything. The seven kingdoms had not attacked the cities that were free. Additionally, Lord Corlys emphasized that the king’s brother Daemon had been residing in Dragonstone with his army of gold cloaks without facing any sort of opposition from the crown.

Rhaenyra Offers A Different Approach

Viserys reassured Corlys that he had taken action and wasn’t just watching from the sidelines as the latter claimed. Viserys had sent men to Pentos, Volantis. He wanted to find a solution that didn’t involve violence. He says that Stepstones will be solved. Rhaenyra, his daughter, who was listening in on the talk, didn’t agree with him. She believed that to take control of the situation and instill terror into the public, it was necessary to use force. Viserys was advised to send Dragonriders into the region. She also suggested that they stop trying communication with the free cities as this would make them seem weak. She rode the Syrax dragon from an early age.

Criston Cole

House Of The Dragon Episode 2 Recap – Rhaenyra chooses Criston Cole

The first scene of House Of The Dragon Episode 2 displays a distinct difference between Viserys and his daughter’s thinking style. Viserys was more cautious, while Rhaenyra acted more forcefully and combatively. Viserys told Rhaenyra that she would go with Ser Harold in order to assist him in choosing a candidate to fill the Kingsguard opening. Rhaenyra has been in love with Ser Criston Cole since the time she saw him disarm her uncle at tournament. When she selects Otto Hightower for the job, he gets in her way.

Otto wanted to strengthen ties between the crown, several households and their important friends. He desired that the princess choose a member of a noble House such as House Mallister. Rhaenyra wasn’t the type of person who would follow orders if she felt the task was appropriate for the land or her father. Ser Criston Cole was officially appointed to the role. In addition to having a special spot for the soldier with dreamy eyes, Rhaenyra wished for someone with actual battle experience. Criston Cole fulfilled each requirement.

Viserys likes Alicent Hightower

Viserys loved spending time in his bedroom poring over the fake sculptures that the stonemasons had made of Westeros. Alicent Hightower was with him. He loved Alicent Hightower and was fond of her. They discuss Old Valyria as the seat for power for the Valyrian Freehold. Alicent innocently asked him if Westeros would ever surpass Valyria in power and greatness. According to Viserys, Westeros will never be what Valyria once was until and until they acquire a thousand dragons and a navy big enough to cross all the world’s seas.

House Of The Dragon Episode 2 Recap

House Of The Dragon Episode 2 Recap – Viserys Likes Alicent Hightower

Viserys is conscious of the close bond Alicent had with his daughter. He advises her to hide from Rhaenyra the frequency of their (privately) encounters as well as the topics of their conversations. It was embarrassing and he knew that. He fell in love with a young woman who looked just like his daughter. Alicent attempts to convince Rhaenyra that she should talk to her father, when they first meet. She explained to her how often a person cannot accurately analyze a situation until they are conscious of what they are going though. The girls bowed their heads, and then they prayed.

Rhaenyra broke down. Alicent expressed her desire to her father to see her as more than a young child. She wanted to prove her worth. Princess Rhaenyra was different than other girls. She knew her responsibility extended beyond just getting married and having children. She wanted to take part in the battle. She wanted to be a part of the decisions the kingdom made. She wanted to be involved in the council. However, one or more councilmen would cut her off whenever she tried to voice her opinion.

The King Needs a Wife

Corlys expressed his regret to Viserys about his inconsiderate conduct at court. He explains to the king that he had been worried about the current situation and that, with Daemon having taken the Targaryen positions on the dragon stone and a foreign force having established a colony in Stepstones, he thought that the crown was in danger. One ideology was the life of Lord Corlys. He believed that sailing into or around a storm is the best way of avoiding it. He believes the king must act before things get outof control. Viserys was without male heirs and the kingdom was in serious danger.

House Of The Dragon Episode 2 Recap

House Of The Dragon Episode 2 Recap – The King Needs A Wife

He suggested that Viserys Tgaryen marry Lady Laena Valaryon. He believed they could put the kingdom in a strong position by using the Targaryen Dragons and the Velaryon Fleets. Viserys was not too sure about Laena’s age, as she was only twelve years old. Lord Lyonel was also available for advice. Lord Lyonel also proposed the same idea. Viserys, however, was unwilling to take the Lords’ political viewpoint into account. He was experiencing feelings of love and affection for someone recently, which at that time overcame him.

Viserys still had bruises from his time at the iron throne. The wounds weren’t getting better, and the Archmaester was out of ideas. The problem continued to get worse, and he tried every trick in his arsenal. The Archmaester used maggots to help him remove the dead skin. It appears that Viserys’ wounds symbolized the dangers that surrounded his realm. Viserys didn’t take it seriously because he wasn’t aware of the potential harm that they could cause. Daemon had begun a rebellion and the free cities were now creating an alliance. Craghas Crabfeeder and Daemon had not been stopped and he hadn’t taken any action.

The Dragon Egg

Viserys became furious as soon as he discovered that Daemon Targaryen had taken a dragon egg from him and brought it to Dragonstone. It was the same egg Rhaenyra had chosen for Baelon, her younger brother. It belonged to Dreamfyre, a female dragon. Viserys is angry and confused as to how Daemon stole it when it was being kept by over fifty dragon keepers. Daemon had married Mysaria. She was the same woman Daemon often visited when he worked in the brothel. Targaryen families were known to place an egg in a baby’s cradle, and Daemon wished to do the same.

House Of The Dragon Episode 2 Recap

House Of The Dragon Episode 2 Recap – The Dragon Egg

With the help of Criston Cole, Otto Hightower and a small contingent of troops, he traveled to Dragonstone in search of the egg. Daemon was not an easy target. He was one the most famous Targaryen warriors. He had an army of Gold Cloaks, as well as a dragon named Caraxes, under his command. Otto knew that trying to intimidate him was futile. Daemon recognized a voice suddenly. Daemon tried to see beyond the clouds to determine exactly what it was. Rhaenyra arrived unexpectedly at the location with her dragon. Daemon approached her boldly and she informed him that Rhaenyra had been named princess of Dragonstone.

He was living in her castle. Daemon informed the public that his new bride wasn’t expecting a child. Rhaenyra made it clear to him that she was blocking his path to the throne. He stated clearly that he would have had to kill her to be the heir. Daemon may not have rebelled against his brother but his niece was special to him. He loved her just as much as she did.


House Of The Dragon Episode 2 Recap – Rhaenyra Gets The Dragon Egg Back

Daemon gives back the egg, and Rhaenyra takes it back to King’s Landing. Viserys became angry when he found out that Rhaenyra had fled for Dragonstone, and he refused to give him his blessing. Rhaenyra informed Viserys that she was the only person who could have recovered Rhaenyra’s egg without suffering any casualties and that she did so for the good of her army and nation. After learning about Daemon’s intentions, Mysaria felt let down. She tells him that all she wanted was freedom. She didn’t want power; she didn’t want to be married to the one who sits on the Iron Throne. Mysaria wanted to feel less fear. Daemon’s actions once more made her experience the same feelings she had felt in the brothel.

The King’s Wife

Viserys finally decided that he would announce his future wife to the council members. Lord Corlys believed that he had complete control over the situation. He knew the king would wed his girl. Surprisingly, Viserys took Alicent Hightower as his new wife. Lord Corlys became furious. Both he as Rhaenyra Targaryen found the information hard to believe. This decision was the start of many things. First of all, it resulted in Alicent and Princess Rhaenyra’s rivalry. Lord Corlys felt like he was being cheated of something that was his rightful property.

House Of The Dragon Episode 2 Recap

House Of The Dragon Episode 2 Recap – The Wife That King Wants

Lord Corlys, Daemon Targaryen, and Daemon Targaryen joined forces to form an alliance. Lord Corlys informed him that it would be in their mutual best interests to join forces against the Crabfeeder. Even if it makes a strong case for a future alliance between Lord Corlys and Daemon Targaryen, it also shows the depth of Daemon’s devotion to his family. He didn’t react as easily to his well-wishers as his brother. He was extremely straight and honest with Corlys, saying that just because things had soured between them, it didn’t give anyone else the right to criticize him.

Viserys could have protected the king himself if he had made him his hand, instead of sending him to faraway places from the Iron Throne. Due to Otto Hightower’s close relationship with the king, the latter was able to cut ties with his own brother. Otto realized he had reached his goal when he found out that his daughter was soon to marry the Viserys. The knights and soldiers had never fought in battle before. The bloodshed that we saw in Westeros was almost 70 years ago under King Maegor’s brutal rule. He ruled the seven kingdoms prior to the death of Jaehaerys, the ancient king. After that, the Westerosi kingdom didn’t experience any real battle.

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