Hogwarts Mystery Keeps Crashing, How To Fix Hogwarts Mystery Keeps Crashing?

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Hogwarts Mystery Keeps Crashing

Gamers have recently fallen in love with Hogwarts Mystery keeps Crashing. A game is supposed to bring indescribable joy for the player. Unfortunately, the game is having problems loading and many gamers reported that this game was not working for them. The solution to Hogwarts Mystery Keeps Crashing has been found. Don’t worry if you are facing the same problem. We have the solution in the upcoming passages. Have a great read. 

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Jam City developed Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, which was released to mobile users only on April 25, 2018. The game allows the player to create their own character and play the role of a Hogwarts student. The protagonist is able to experience 7 years and Quidditch Season 4, which is yet not released. You will be able to answer the questions, and depending on your answers, you’ll receive the wand that is right for you.?

How to Fix Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Crashing

Players will often experience crashing issues. This is normal. The main cause of this problem is that your device has run out of RAM. This is different than Storage Memory. We have collected a few tips to help you avoid this Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Crashing.

  • Force-closing all open apps is all you have to do to keep your game from going down.

  • Now, restart your device by turning the power off and switching it on.

  • If you still feel the crash is an issue, contact the company.

How to Fix Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Crashes iOS

This game may not be capable of running at 100% due to its memory requirements. This is more true for those who have upgraded their iOS 12 to run this game. It is also reported that this game slows down older versions of the device. These are the fixes provided by the official website. There is a temporary solution to the low memory issue on iOS devices.

  • To turn off the screen’s slide to power off option, press the power button.

  • Now, press the Home key for 8 seconds.

  • Now the screen flashes again and reverts you to your home screen.

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  • How to Fix the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Crashing

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