HGTV Battle On The Beach 2022 Winners, Who Is The Winner Of Battle On The Beach Season 2?

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Winners of HGTV Battle On The Beach 2022

Paige and Corey Cyr of Team Victoria were the winners of HGTV Battle On The Beach 2022. They were awarded the biggest prize for their highest estimate value. Baumler disclosed that each residence had been initially valued at $515,000. Cyrs increased it up to $789,800. “We won, I’m so happy!” Page spoke out after the huge win. “We won. We won.” “I’ve lost every competition so far, and I couldn’t be more proud of winning it alongside Cory and Paige,” Their mentor continued. They’ve earned it.” She is now a mentor on Battle on the Beach, her second season after participating in Rock the Block.

Although they didn’t say who was second or third, the remaining residences were assessed at $720,800, $769,200 and $769,200 respectively.  “I’m glad it’s over,” said Pennington’s Rimley after the loss. “It’s exhausting, it’s a lot of work. It’s a short time frame. Would I do this again? Sure, but I need a vacation.” The “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” star added in a confession, “I think we were close to winning it and that hurts the most. But I’m happy for the Canadians, they did a great job.”

Father and son are equally excited to return home. “I am so proud of the house we built together,” Roosevelt said. His son added, “It’s been a great experience here, but we’re ready to go home and ready to start some of the projects we have next.” The “Build it Forward” star said, “They didn’t win this competition but they took a bunch of huge risks and ended up with a beautiful product. They should be very proud because I know I am.”

Battle On The Battle 2022 Contestants

Brandyn and Roosevelt Chambers, father-son team, will give their best to the tournament series in 2022. They control Chambers Development LLC. Nayak collaborated on the father-and-son team which won the kids’ rooms competition.

The second team is made up of Wally Remaley, a contractor and Jacqueline Matoza who are real estate investors. Pennington won the guest suite task and the main suite with her friends.

Finally, Corey Cyr and Paige Cyr, a married couple from Cyriously Living, will be appearing on the episode. They are Canadians and hail from Alberta. Victoria coached the couple, who won first place in the living room and kitchen competitions.

Who are the Rival Designers and Judges at Battle on The Beach?

Battle on the Beach 2022 cast includes the participating teams and HGTV personalities Bryan and Sarah Baeumler. The program also features three essential characters who offer expert advice to the teams throughout the season. Battle on the Beach will be contested by Alison Victoria of Windy City Rehab; Ty Pennington from Rock the Block; and Taniya Nyak of Build It Forward.

Where to Watch Battle on the Battle?

Battle on the Beach is also available on Discovery+ and fuboTV. Battle on the Beach is available for rent or purchase on Amazon Instant Video and iTunes.


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