Headless: A Sleepy Hollow Story Episode 5 Release Date: What Happened Till Now In The Story?

Headless: A Sleepy Hollow Story is about a science teacher who just joined the Sleepy Hollow community. The web series is an adaptation of Washington Irving’s short story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

The oddity of the town is brought home to Ichabod Crane as soon as he moves in. Soon, the teacher realizes he must make friends with the headless horseman as he will be his roommate. He is a bit hesitant about sharing a room with someone who doesn’t have a head, though.

He sets out to discover the truth about the headless horseman. In each episode, the horseman will have a different head. His personality also changes when his head is changed. They meet the teacher and begin to get to know each other.

It has enjoyed a great deal of popularity and is still loved today. Four episodes have been completed by the series, which features cast members Sinead Persaud and Sean Persaud portraying Ichabod Crane and Jon Cozart portraying Diedrich Knickerbocker. 

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What happened in Headless: The Sleepy Hollow Story Up to Now

Till now, we have seen Ichabod Crane’s arrival as the Middle School science teacher and the troubles he has to go through. Ichabod must move out to find a new roommate after his landlord Douffe Martling increased his rent. He meets Matilda Bishop and Kat Van Tassel while looking for a roommate.

Gradually, he meets more people when he is invited by the mayor to attend the Autumn Gala. Brom Bones, his gym teacher, told him about the Headless Horseman. Thus, his hunt for knowledge about the Horseman’s legend begins.

In the second episode, called “Two Ghosts In The Graveyard,” Ichabod finally accepts the Headless Horseman to be his roommate. We also see Ichabod making friends with the Headless Horseman and casting spells together. One such spell grants the horseman temporary head. The horsemen then all proceed to rob a grave, almost getting caught.

Matilda presents a skull to Horseman in the next episode. He can then place it as his head. This is when Ichabod starts to get to know the locals. Ichabod, Kat Van Tassel and the pirate will be taking Ichabod on a date. The date is filled with stories and memories about their deceased parents. Brom crashes the date and ends it. The end is when Captain Gracy Davy Crowbones staggers Douffe while she stands close to a chest and attempts jewelry.

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Headless: Episode 5 of A Sleepy Hollow Story

The William J. Stribling-directed series Headless: A Sleepy Hollow Story is set to release its episode 5, called “The Chaos In Court” on 26th September 2022, Monday.

How to Watch Headless: Episode 5 of A Sleepy Hollow Story

The fantasy series will air on Sunday at 12:00 EST. To watch the series, you can find it on YouTube, and it’s currently set to premiere on the Shipwrecked channel. 

Shipwrecked streaming

The original story was set in Tarry Town in the Dutch countryside. It is known for its haunting stories and ghostly presence. You can enjoy a second-hand experience in the haunted atmosphere by walking around in this secluded town.

With Autumn approaching, the chilly winds will create the perfect time to watch this series, so if you haven’t gotten around to trying it yet, we highly recommend it. You can access the series free of charge from the Shipwrecked YouTube Channel on Mondays of each week. 

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