Harley Quinn Season 3 Episodes 7 Recap and Ending, Explained

‘Harley Quinn’ is an HBO Max adult-animated series based on DC Comics characters. After parting ways, the Joker’s eponymous character (KaleyCuoco) creates her own crew with Poisonivy (Lake Bell), Clayface and King Shark. As the series progresses, Harley and Ivy develop a romantic relationship, while Harley simultaneously leans toward the good side. In season 3 episode 7, titled ‘Another Sharkley Adventure,’ Harley attends a gala to capture Bruce Wayne after learning that the billionaire has taken Frank the Plant. Meanwhile, Nanaue returns to his kingdom after his father’s death and discovers a surprise is waiting for him. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Harley Quinn’ season 3 episode 7. SPOILERS Ahead.

Harley Quinn Season 3 Episodes 7 Recap

The episode starts as Ivy tries unsuccessfully to find Frank while Bruce is away. She is also tired from her frequent trips into the Green. Selina, who is now back in the apartment tells Ivy, Harley that Bruce will attend a gala. He has sent her flowers, gifts and an invitation to the gala. But she doesn’t like how clingy his behavior has become. Talk about unhealthy relationships within the DC Universe! Ivy doesn’t want Harley to go on her own, but she has no choice but to let it happen. She is too weak for it. Selina is not a part of their group and is therefore out of the question. Clayface will be performing Billy Bob Thornton duties and Nanaue will be returning to the Shark Kingdom after the death of his father, God Shark.

Since they have solved the Riddler’s escape room, Batgirl has concluded that she and Harley are friends, much to the latter’s annoyance. At the Batcave, Barbara thinks that the hat fad is the work of Mad Hatter, but Bruce, who has turned into a full-on rejected lover with a beanie cap, several days’ worth of beard, and a guitar, dismisses her concerns and heads to the gala. Barbara decides to join Harley and heads to the gala. Soon, they are captured by Mad Hatter’s underlings. Mad Hatter finally realizes who Harley is and lets her go. Harley initially wants as much distance as possible from Barbara. She keeps denying that she is ever changing. But she does eventually rescue Barbara. Mad Hatter is killed by Harley. She still has a lot of work ahead.

Harley Quinn Season 3 Episode 7 Ending: Does Nanaue Become King?

Nanaue, his father’s death, returns to the Shark Kingdom. He seems to be particularly happy, being finally free of his father’s oppressive presence in his life. He has no desire to lead the Shark Kingdom and he resigns in favor of his younger brother Prince Shark. After his coronation, Prince Shark announces that he will sell their kingdom to Ocean Master. When Nanaue protests Prince Shark’s decision, the latter reminds him that he wasn’t here when their father became sick, and Prince Shark had to take care of him,

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This is a classic example of a family drama that quickly turns violent when neither brother resists. They fight and Nanaue reluctantly takes out Prince Shark. Nanaue will likely have to accept his duties of king since the death of the latter, something he has been trying to avoid for some time. Even in this episode, his concern for the Shark Kingdom is only realized after learning about his brother’s plans to take over their ancestral home. Although the whole thing seems a bit hypocritical, Nanaue is not a villain. He is not consistent, which is the last thing you should expect.

Why does Harley capture Bruce

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Bruce arrives at the gala looking very presentable. Bruce’s beard, cap, guitar, and cap are gone. Harley lures Bruce to his apartment pretending to play Selina. He is then knocked unconscious with a roll or duct tape. The episode ends with Harley bringing Bruce unconscious to her apartment. Selina quickly leaves realizing that Bruce will not be there when she wakes up. One redeeming factor of this relationship seems to be that she doesn’t divulge the fact that Bruce is Batman, though she still leaves him potentially in mortal peril. Ivy will likely go all out to find Frank, but it’s unlikely she can break Batman.

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