Guppedantha Manasu, 10th November 2022 Update: Vasudhara Rishi and Vasudhara Rishi enjoy a few hours with each other

The show begins with Mahindra telling Jagathi the fact that Rishi promises to contact her mother in the near future. Gautham insists that we hope that it happens. He requests Mahindra as well as Jagathi to go to their homes. Mahindra states that he’s eagerly looking forward to meeting Rishi but he’s managing himself and is required to wait for some time. Gautham affirms that you and Rishi suffer from pain, so why is this breakup? Mahindra claims it’s to ensure Rishi’s health. Mahindra says he’s leaving.

While on the way, Vasudhara recalls her life journey. Rishi inquires about what she is thinking about. She reveals that she is thinking about her journey through life. Rishi claims that hard work results in the end and you are a university topper. Vasudhara claims that’s true, and many of them are behind my success. Rishi states that she must acknowledge her accomplishments. The man asks Vasudhara what she wants for a present? Vasudhara states that she doesn’t need anything. Rishi says she’s asked me once, and I’ll say no.

Vasudhara is asked by Rishi to offer any kind of gift. Rishi states that once he’s given the promise, he can’t give it back. Vasudhara takes Jagathi’s name. Rishi is stopped in the car upon hearing the name Jagathi. He worries that she will ask him to refer to Jagathi as her mother. Vasudhara declares that she is nothing without Jagathi and I would like for her to visit me. He wants her to share with her what she’s looking for. Vasudhara says she’ll tell and then asks him to start the car.

In at the water, Rishi asks Vasudhara why she’s creating paper boats, and she asks whether she is required to play the game again. Vasudhara says that in the past, my dream was different. However, now I’d like Jagathi mam to come back along with Mahindra. Rishi says he isn’t convinced by the claims, but he does it in her behalf. Vasudhara believes that nature listens to them and grant their desires. Rishi asks for his assistance in making boats. She asks him if he has any ideas. Rishi prepares it quickly. Vasudhara questions him about how he learned. Rishi states that she helped him study in the library. She asks him if he recalls what he learned. Rishi affirms that he is in love with her and is a believer in her and will put his faith in what she does.

Devayani is waiting to see Rishi as well as Gautham. She calls Dharani, and asks her to buy the green tea she has ordered. Dharani states that you must be patient when I make treats for Vasudhara as Rishi requested me to do. Devayani is scolds her for not telling her and demands that she refrain from making any sweets. Dharani declares that she will end her sweets making if she dislikes it and notify Rishi about the matter. Devayani states that you don’t need to play the role of a villain the presence of Rishi and she asks her to make them. Dharani wants Devayani to join in the process of making sweets. Devayani requests her to not bother her, and she requests to bring her green tea.

Rishi and Vasudhara go into the lake and release 11 boats that write their wishes and pray to Mahindra or Jagathi’s coming back. Vasudhara informs him that she’s so happy. He is happy and requests her to leave. He is seated on the bench. Vasudhara is enjoying the sight of the paper boats moving. She is happy and jumps to the bottom of the lake. Rishi assists her to stand up and asks her to take off his coat. He invites her to be in his car for a while so it can turn heat the car for her. Gautham informs Devayani of how everyone was praising Vasudhara in college. He suggests that she show him videos. Devayani declines because Dharani showed the videos to me. Gautham questions why they didn’t appear. Devyani claims that you’re staying with Rishi throughout the day in college , so you must be aware of his location better than we are.

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